The 10 Hottest Female Movie Aliens

The science fiction genre of films has always catered towards male viewers. Just like romance films will always be watched by more female viewers, so too does sci-fi go for men (although it’s been reported that Guardians of the Galaxy had a higher percentage of female viewers than any Marvel Studios film before it, so it seems that trope is changing).

Since sci-fi films are typically catered towards male viewers, it’s almost necessary for these films to input a few commonalities in order to be successful. Namely, aliens, and, more specifically, hot female aliens. That is simply the way things are in Hollywood. Generally speaking, men are intrigued by the unknown, by space, by explosions, and by women - aspects that can all be exemplified in a good sci-fi film.

With all of the quality and beautiful performances throughout the years of sci-fi filmmaking, it is difficult to decide 10 of the hottest female aliens, but here is a compilation of 10 worthy characters.

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10 Mary - Total Recall

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Though Mary is technically a mutant from Mars, and not an alien, Lycia Naff did so much for the sci-fi genre in 1990's Total Recall that it would be difficult to neglect her on this list. Naff played Mary, the three-breasted prostitute mutant who exposed herself to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and elicited the classic quote: “Baby, you make me wish I had three hands!” from the character Benny (Mel Johnson Jr).

Mary became one of the most iconic characters in sci-fi (with her character even added into the sequel), though the actress has admitted she felt embarrassed, not sexy, and weird while auditioning. The boobs were admittedly not real (not even the outside two), but Naff still felt awkward having to expose herself. When asked “Where’s your third boob?” (which is constantly asked), she replies, “I had it removed. It’s in a jar on my desk.”

9 Neytiri - Avatar

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Zoe Saldana’s portrayal of Neytiri in James Cameron’s record-setting film, Avatar, gave us a new look at the future of sci-fi. Namely, a CGI-centered sci-fi with beautiful creatures, faraway lands, and a poignant love story between humans and aliens.

Neytiri is the 10-foot-tall Na’vi princess, who meets protagonist Jake Sully in a forest on Pandora. She becomes Jake’s teacher, and eventual lover. Although very alien-looking and almost cat-like in appearance, there is something strangely attractive above the Na’vi princess (be it her fine features, accent, scantily clad body), but Jake Sully certainly sees it.

8 Serleena - Men in Black II

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Despite not having near the same success as its predecessor, Men in Black II did have one redeeming quality: the main antagonist - played by Lara Flynn Boyle - a man-eating, hot alien named Serleena. This evil lingerie model alien oozes sexiness, and tentacles, which she uses to kill anyone in her path.

Her sex appeal slightly wanes when she shows her true form: first as a giant mutated worm-thing, and then as a viny plant. Eventually, her wrath is quelled by Jay and Kay in a spectacular firework display of gunfire, but not before she eats a would-be rapist, an alien, and more.

7 Princess Aura - Flash Gordon

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Princess Aura was portrayed by Ornella Muti in the 1980 film version of Flash Gordon. The scantily-clad princess manages to seduce the hero, and in doing so almost makes him crash the spaceship they’re on. Aura is shown to have numerous lovers, and she helps save Flash after Ming tries to have him executed.

The hot princess is the daughter of the villain of the series, Ming the Merciless. She is the lover of Prince Barin, the rightful heir to the throne of Mongo, and was banished by Ming, alongside Barin, to the forest realm of Arboria. She is frequently portrayed in the comic series, the serials, and the TV shows as a sympathetic character towards Flash, and we can see why he’d like to have her by his side at all times.

6 Ripley 8 - Alien Resurrection

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Ripley 8 was the first successful clone of Ellen Ripley, after the original died. She was created by the United States Military (USM) as a project to resurrect the Xenomorph XX121 species, though the scientist in charge chose to keep her alive. The Xenomorph inside of her upon creation made her a hybrid alien-human.

In trying to clone Ripley - and therefore the Xenomorph sample inside of her - the USM were hoping to gain access to the Xenomorph Queen gestating inside of her. Of course, this would backfire. Though viewers were treated with another beautiful Ripley after the human version’s sacrificial suicide, Ripley 8 has a decidedly different personality - a spunky, sarcastic, unfazed alien-human hybrid - than the original Ellen Ripley.

5 Ella Swenson - Cowboys & Aliens

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It’s no wonder that Ella Swenson would be on this list, given that she’s portrayed by the beautiful and talented Olivia Wilde. Say what you will about the movie, the character of Ella came with a surprising twist. At first she is a mysterious cowgirl/alien hunter, without anyone knowing where she came from, who or she was.

After she is fatally wounded by an alien, her corpse is dumped into a fire by a Chiricahua Apache Indian, where she fully resurrects in phoenix-fashion as a nude alien from “beyond the stars.” She has traveled to Earth to help resist the aliens, who destroyed her home world. She knows their weaknesses, which she reveals to her co-protagonists. Armed with this knowledge, Ella helps lead the resistance against the invading aliens, in literally beautiful fashion.

4 Princess Leia - Star Wars

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Carrie Fisher did more for sci-fi films than perhaps any other woman in the genre. With Star Wars, the genre was born. Princess Leia, whether with her classic cinnamon bun hairstyle, or the iconic skimpy bikini beside Jabba the Hut, caused a generation of prepubescent boys to go haywire.

We don’t need to go into the oddly incestuous moment with twin brother Luke, as Princess Leia will forever be known as Han Solo’s love - and the love interest of adoring Star Wars fans worldwide. There are admittedly many strangely sexy aliens in the Star Wars pantheon, but none of them beats the queen of them all, the originator, Princess Leia.

3 Gamora - Guardians of the Galaxy

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Gamora, played by Zoe Saldana, began as the adopted daughter of Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after the latter destroyed her entire race, the Zehoberei. The green-skinned assassin-turned-Guardian of the Galaxy is the self-proclaimed “deadliest woman in the whole galaxy.” Her “sister,” Nebula, is an equally-hot cyborg-alien chick, and they both kick major butt, as seen in their duel towards the end of the film.

Gamora betrayed Thanos when she was sent to steal the Orb - a device that holds one of the six omnipotent Infinity Stones - to make Thanos all-powerful. Gamora eventually joined Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) and the Guardians, and the two shared a romantic relationship with each other. It’s safe to say that Quill scored with this tough, beautiful Zehoberei.

2 Leeloo - The 5th Element

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Leeloo, the ridiculously hot, red-headed alien girl from the underrated film, The 5th Element, did the same for a new generation of hormonal boys as Princess Leia did in the '70s and '80s. It’s no wonder, as she’s played by Milla Jovovich and wears just enough strips of clothing to elicit a non-rated-R advisory for the film.

Leeloo is one of the Supreme Beings of the Universe. She was sent to Earth to become the final weapon to destroy the Great Evil, the Fifth Element. In reality, she is a powerful warrior, but also cutely naive and innocent in her human form. She is beautiful, straightforward, fearless, and not very modest (often stripping in front of men without shame). Pretty much everything that male sci-fi viewers secretly wish was the way things were in real life.

1 Sil - Species

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Though the film Species didn’t perform so well, the character of Sil was not only a highlight of the film, but she set the bar for ‘90s sci-fi female aliens. Sil was created by the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence program as an alien-human hybrid known as S1L (“Sil”). After nearly being killed by the scientists who created her, Sil escaped and became a hyper-sexual predator, hellbent on mating with any virile male she could find. If Leeloo was what every male sci-fi viewer wished was reality, Sil pushed the envelope a step further.

When in her human form, portrayed by Natasha Henstridge, Sil is irresistibly desirable. Sort of a like a black widow, she will often kill her mates with a “kiss of death,” when feeling threatened, where a sharp razor on her tongue will stab into the victim’s skull and out the back of their head. From her nipples, she uses breast-tentacles as additional weapons, and she can even give birth through her chest cavity. Talk about a highly advanced life form.


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