The 10 Highest Earning Comedy Movies In The United States

Over the years there have been quite a few great comedies to hit the big screen. However, with so many films, there also comes a great deal of expenses that had to go into making the film. From select

Over the years there have been quite a few great comedies to hit the big screen. However, with so many films, there also comes a great deal of expenses that had to go into making the film. From selecting a great cast, to coming up with a fun theme that the audience would love, developers take a great deal of time to create the perfect comedy. As one of the most watched film genres, comedies tend to do rather well on the big screen. Due to the fact that they appeal to so many people, and to all age groups and genders, they are some of the top earning films. Families can enjoy them together, they have a universal appeal, and comedies tend to translate well, no matter which language it is, or which country it is, that you try to take that film to.

Since so many people do enjoy great comedies, and since they are some of the top earning films, over the years a number of great titles have hit the big screen. Many comedies have made household names out of some of the on screen cast, and families, young kids, adults, and movie goers that enjoy any other genre, have come to love the top comedies of all time. So, in this top ten highest earning comedy movies, there is a great disparity in theme and style of film, yet each of the films appeals to the audience in a way they can understand. People love to laugh, and love to release from their everyday worries. With any of these films that are on the top ten highest earning comedy movies list, they are going to be able to do just that when watching these on the big screen, or at home with family.

10 The Hangover (2009): Grossed $277 Million

Grossing about $277 million world wide, the film introduced three friends who wake up from a bachelor party in Vegas, yet do not remember a thing about what happened the night before. These three friends go through the city, in an attempt to find the groom before his big day. With a budget of about $150 million to make the film, it did quite well considering it brought in nearly double that amount in profits.

9 Meet the Fockers (2004): Grossed $279 Million

Ben Stiller meets the Byrnes family for the first time. All hell breaks loose as the father (played by Robert De Niro), tries to find out and uncover more about Focker, his past, and whether he is the right fit for their daughter. The sequel to Meet the Parents goes further into both families' lives, and tries to determine if the couple is right together. Grossing $279 million, the film itself cost nearly $90 million to produce, bringing in profits over three times as much as production costs.

8 Home Alone (1990): Grossed $286 Million

Earning $286 million, the film that started it all introduces Kevin, who is left behind when he wishes he was never born, and his family forgets him on the family vacation. He has to protect the home, as burglars learn the home will be empty, but do not expect him to have been left behind. With a $15 million budget, over the years it has grossed quite a bit, and is still one of the favorite holiday films of all time.

7 Monsters Inc (2001): Grossed $290 Million

By scaring children, the monsters generate the city's power, but are themselves afraid of the children. The film takes us through Sulley's world, as the lead character, trying to dominate, with a fear of the unknown. Grossing in $290 million, the film had a budget of $115 million, meaning it earned over 2.5 as much as it cost to produce.

6 Up (2009): Grossed $293 Million

78 year old Carl ties thousands of balloons to his home, in an attempt to get away from Russel and to fulfill his lifelong dream of visiting South America. However, when the home takes off, an unexpected surprise is that Russel is on board with him. The film grossed $293 million in profits, and carried a $175 million budget with the high tech flying and computer animation sequences used in production.

5 Shrek the third (2007): Grossed $321 Million

King Harold becomes ill and Shrek looks to inherit the land. He joins forces with Donkey, Puss in boots, and Artie, to take down the new king. As the third film in the popular film series, it brings in $321 million, and carried a $130 million budget or filming. It is still one of the most popular comedy, animation series.

4 Despicable Me 2 (2013): Grossed $365 Million

Gru is recruited, by antivillain leagues, in order to help deal with the new criminals. The ever popular minions are back in this great family comedy that the kids and adults will love. Bringing in $365 million, in under one year, it is one of the top films, and will eventually hold a higher rank. With a budget of only $96 million, in its short run, the film has done rather well as of the extremely short period of time it has been out.

3 Finding Nemo (2003): Grossed $381 Million

As Marlin travels underwater, in an attempt to find his son Nemo, he encounters new friends, and has to find his way through the challenging underwater world. The film has brought in $381 million in profits, with a $94 million production cost, meaning it has grossed in nearly four times as much as it cost to produce the film.

2 Toy Story 3 (2010): Grossed $415 Million

From the popular Disney and Pixar series, Buzz and Woody have to find a way back to Andy. As they are delivered to a day care, rather than the attic, the characters have to work together to find their way to Andy, who has left home for college. The film has grossed $415 million, with a popular cast of characters, but did cost nearly $200 million to produce. Still, it is one of the most popular Disney/ Pixar films in the company's history.

1 Shrek 2 (2004): Grossed $436 Million

The second in the series, Princess Fiona's parents invite her and Shrek over for dinner, to celebrate their marriage. To the surprise of Fiona's parents, they learn the couple is an ogre couple once they arrive for the visit. Bringing in $436 million over the years, it is the highest grossing comedy/ animation film; and, with a budget of only $70 million, the film did quite well, bringing in over six times what it cost to produce.

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The 10 Highest Earning Comedy Movies In The United States