The 10 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Going To Comic-Cons

Well, it’s everyones’ favourite time of year: It’s time for Comic Con, Fan-Expos, and all the fun and exciting other related events that have to deal with us relating to pop culture. Whether it’s through, comics, toys, movies, books, television, or games, there is a deep love within us all to get in touch with our inner child and to never let go. Well, at least for four days anyway. That being said, some people take serious time in planning, saving and getting to different expos/cons around the world, whereas others…, don’t. And that my friends, is a costly mistake. We have informed you thusly: here is the list of the 10 biggest mistakes people make when going to cons/expos (now let’s get it on like ALDERAAN)!

10 Not bringing cash with you

Although there are ATMS generally abound at such events, even though the charges are always outrageous, never EVER rely on them. Always get cash before you get to The Con/Expo and bring a credit card (Visa or Mastercard as not all vendors are AMEX friendly).

If you bring cash, it makes everyones life easier, especially for you to say no to buying something you kinda like.

9 Trying to be Superman and do everything and anything

Gonna be epic. Just sayin'.

We know this hurts and is heart breaking but you are (sadly) not (really) The Doctor and therefore cannot hop into your Tardis and basically hit the rewind button so you can see everything. We have all been there; we feel your pain. But you really need to understand that YOU WILL NOT SEE EVERYTHING. Pick out the top five things you must see and backups in case the panel gets full before you get there. Everything else is just filler.

DON'T GIMMIE THAT FACE!!! You know I'm right!

8 Just because she LOOKS LIKE she’s asking for it…,

Cons/Expos of the pop culture variation are here for all of us to unwind from the day to day grind, get back in touch with ourselves, and or get in touch with our inner nerd/geek/sluttiness/sexiness. That doesn’t mean that the people who wear these kinds of costumes ARE sluts/whores and odds are, you STILL don’t have a shot with these beauties ANYWAY (unless you're Captain Kirk). So if you want a picture, ask NICELY (not like the creeper from down the street). If they say no, say thank you and WALK AWAY: you do NOT want to get kicked out of Comic Con before you meet Stan Lee. Now, you can ask if you can pose with the costumed individual versus just a picture of them, but still be polite. Just because they put their arm around you does not mean you can put your hand on their breast. If they want you to do that for the photo, bonus for you but don’t go in with those expectations.

You will get slapped if proven to not be Kirk.

7 Not drinking enough water.

Trust us, you will want to bring a bag of some kind with you so it’s good to load it with a snack or two, a bottle of water and something to hold your autograph/photos in. Keeping hydrated is important...

because it can get really hot really fast because of:

6 The lines..., THE LINES!!!

There are going to be A LOT of people. When we say a lot…, WE MEAN A LOT. If you hate people, are an extreme introvert, or if you are claustrophobic, this is NOT THE PLACE for you.

Told you..., not kidding around.

5 LADIES (and some gents), this is for you!


Most costumes require you to wear heels (like dressing up as Catwoman, any of the female superheroes from X-Men, Sailor Moon characters, Jessica Rabbit, etc). However, we have to face facts: no one is really meant to be able to stand for an hour in line, power walk the distance of a football field two-five times, only to stand in another line for about half an hour. All while wearing a costume that requires six to eight inch stiletto heels. So ladies (and some gents) bring a pair of flats and save the heels for photo ops. DO NOT WALK BAREFOOT at these things; that’s like going barefoot at a club (it’s gross and you are potentially in for a WORLD of hurt).

4 If you aren’t going to be in costume, be presentable.

You are going to be around a lot of people and whether or not we want to believe it, people will judge you. Especially if you are dressed like you have been on a three day Skyrim  bender. Also, if you are scheduled for a photo op with a guest at the con/expo, do you think they want to be in a photo with someone who has Cheetos and Dorritos stains on their clothes and food in their hair? No: these are like wedding photos. You are PAYING MONEY to have a DECENT photo with this person; make it a photo you won’t regret.

Epic..., could be regretted later though..., maybe

3 Planning to go in costume last minute.

YOU WILL BE JUDGED IF YOU SHOW UP IN A CRAPPY COSTUME. You will be the subject of ridicule from one and all. If you are going to do a costume, commit to the costume and plan it well enough in advance so that you look good enough to be judged by costume design people, as well as character experts alike.

Aww hell no!
Aww hell no!

2 So you bought a box cutter from Giancarlo Esposito, eh?

That’s cool! And it doesn’t have a blade in it. Awesome! How did you get to the con/expo anyway? Did you FLY IN AN AIRPLANE where the NUMBER ONE item listed on the DO NOT BRING THIS IN YOUR LUGGAGE list is A BOXCUTTER?!?! Regardless of it being sans blade, is it worth the hassle? Think about the logistics of buying your memorablilia before you commit to the purchase. Do you really want to be lugging around a 48x24 canvass of The Enterprise for THREE HOURS in a building that is packed with hundreds of thousands of people, to then find a way to get it on a AIRPLANE? Not worth it folks.

Do people not see how much s--t I have to carry?!?

1 Not buying tickets ahead of time.

Don’t expect there to be tickets waiting to be purchased at the door. A lot of cons/expos are matching what the world famous San Diego Comic Con does in that you have to purchase online only, and once they are sold out…, they are SOLD OUT. With that being said though, you can also take a look at what else you can buy online in advance as well (such as photo ops with your favourite guests who are attending) AND there is generally a schedule online as well so you can plan your day accordingly. Remember, you fail to plan and you plan to fail.

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