The 10 Best Movies Of 2015 (So Far)

2015 has been a fantastic year for movies, shattering box office records with quality films. The best part? Some of the biggest film releases are still to come. We can't wait for the next chapter of The Hunger Games in Mockingjay Part 2; Disney has finally put an end to the misery that we have endured for the past ten years with the release of Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens on December 18th. We also can’t forget about the action and eye candy - for males and females alike - in the latest 007 movie, Spectre.

We've had a record-breaking year so far, with Jurassic World shattering box office sales globally and Avengers: Age of Ultron reaching number six all-time in box-office sales worldwide, making a whopping $1,393,509,368.

That's not to mention the amazing successes of the autobiographical movie American Sniper which touched hearts worldwide. Ex Machina came out and proved the sci-fi genre is still going strong with its original, though-provoking themes. And how could we forget, perhaps one of the most controversial movies to be released in the past decade, Fifty Shades of Grey? Love it or hate it, this movie had everyone talking, and may have gotten us a little bit hot under the collar! But which movies can be considered as 2015's best so far? Let's find out!

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10 Furious 7

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How many films can squeeze out a seventh sequel and not have people bored out of their minds? Fans just can't get enough of the Fast and Furious franchise! It had us hooked from the word go, with the opening drag race mirroring that of the first Furious movie, giving us a throw back to 2001.

The special effects and mesmerizing action sequences are what have us constantly coming back for more, and they did not disappoint. The car chases and destruction have us congratulating the CGI team once again. The movie is packed full of brilliant one-liners delivered by an all-star cast including The Rock, Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker. With the critical and box office success of this latest entry, it's no wonder an 8th installment was announced for 2017.

9 Spy

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You had us sold at Melissa McCarthy. We all knew this one was going to be laugh out loud hilarious, but with the added action and intriguing story line, the movie had a little bit of everything.

Melissa’s unattainable infatuation with eye-candy Jude Law leads to some interesting plot twists that no one sees coming. This movie takes the viewer behind the scenes of a group of spies and gives a new outlook on their previously unfaltering, cool exterior as we meet their office eyes and ears and learn that even a spy can’t do everything. Fall in love with McCarthy as she gains confidence and takes on a new challenge, throwing some really bad ass insults - and punches - as she goes.

8 Cinderella

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Another Disney classic developed from animation, here is Kenneth Branagh’s beautiful take on everyone's favorite fairytale. Fall in love again with the characters that have been capturing hearts for years, only this time meet the characters in real life action.

With Helena Bonham Carter being the perfect choice for the fairy God mother, the transformation scene was done so tastefully with CGI, as everyone watching will surely feel the magic. Let's not forget the amazing dress that had everyone talking; Disney has just invented the new got-to-have-it prom dress, princess style.

7 Dope

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Dope is a completely unique movie about a boy from a bad neighborhood who wants to go to Harvard. Although this film may seem like it’s set in the '90s, it is actually set in present day America and it’ll really grab your attention.

The cast definitely plays host to some of the best up and coming new actors on the scene. It’s a comedy film with action and drama and a romantic subplot that tells a coming-of-age story. The film doesn’t over complicate things: it’s easy to follow, it's fun and it has great direction led by Rick Famuyiwa.

6 Mad Max: Fury Road

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The Mad Max franchise took a bit of a break... 30 years worth, actually!

Was it worth it? Absolutely.

This new release in the Mad Max series was far from a letdown. Audiences looking for action, look no further: the film is filled with killer special effects, amazing car chases and insane characters that draw the viewer in completely.

In the ultimate tale of survival of the fittest, Furiosa and Mad Max show us how to really subsist. It's great to see Nicholas Hoult playing a completely different role than anything else he's been in, showing how versatile he can be. And, as always, we welcome Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron in any role with open arms.

5 Minions

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Who thought someone could love a film so much when the only legible word the main characters can say is "banana"? This spin off to the Despicable Me franchise is a great time at the movies, with its adorably cute, yellow cast of fumbling baboons causing all kinds of mischief.

These lovable, crazy Minions aren't the only characters the viewers will fall in love with; Sandra Bullock plays the glamorous female villain. This is the perfect movie for the whole family to watch as everyone will fall in love with the Minions - even if they dethrone the Queen of England. They’ll bring out your childish side with their playful foolishness. This movie will have you wanting to get down to villain-con, but not until you’ve found out where to get yourself your own Minion side-kick.

4 Kingsman: The Secret Service

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Let’s not lie, ladies; Colin Firth is a kind of sexy father figure (let’s not consult Freud on that on), and now he’s just gotten one notch cooler. Not the first spy movie on this list, but Firth’s moves and fine acting have us hooked from the very beginning.

Although there is some brutal violence and some rather gory moments, everything is brilliantly choreographed and set to a brilliant soundtrack. Samuel L Jackson plays the perfect villain in this film, giving it a comedic edge. Watch out for Taron Egerton in the future, we can’t wait to see more of him!

3 Inside Out

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Another example of Disney doing things right, they never seem to disappoint. Inside Out relates the story of Riley and her emotional struggles as she approaches puberty, but from a whole different perspective than what the audience is accustomed to: that of Riley’s own brain.

Inside Out is one day going to become a classic, helping teach not just kids, but adults too, the importance of all of our emotions and their relationships to each other. This wonderful fictional world of the brain allows us to reflect on our own mind and thoughts. It will have you laughing, crying and reminiscing, but most importantly, it will have you raving to all your friends.

2 Avengers: Age of Ultron

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After The Avengers in 2012, no one thought they could do any better; turns out we were all wrong. Ultron, the villain of the film, was, unsurprisingly, the best Marvel villain we've seen in Phase Two so far! The humor and the established relationship between characters in this movie really changed the feel of it, helping the audience to connect with the characters on a deeper level and setting Age of Ultron apart from other movies in this collection.

With the introduction of three new Marvel characters, there was plenty of room for disaster, however Joss Whedon really pulled all the stops for this movie. It's amazing how Marvel films manage to always give something new, and Age of Ultron was no exception, going deeper than other movies dared. This really is a must see, even if you are not an Avengers fan.

1 Jurassic World

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Our top film of 2015 so far has to be Jurassic World. Smashing box office records all over the world, this film is a must-see. A continuation from the previous Jurassic Park movies, Jurassic World does what a lot of sequels fail to do and brings into the plot moments from the previous films, creating a sense of nostalgia as well as presenting a whole new world for us to sink our teeth into.

The genetic modification of dinosaurs leads to the creation (and subsequent escape) of Indominous Rex, which Chris Pratt then has to hunt down and capture. With some moments of comedic relief alongside the chaotic adventure and CGI masterwork presented in this movie, it really is an enjoyable two hours of your life.


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