Terrence Howard Says that “Iron Man” is Responsible for Ruining His Career

It was during the filming of Iron Man 2 that Terrence was reportedly informed about a reduction in his pay. The reduction was a fall from the high amount of money which he had been making from the Iron Man movie. The reason cited for the reduction was that, the director was unhappy with his performance in the previous movie, and that, he was not really going to have too many roles to play in the sequel. Terrence was of course outraged when he was informed about this. He refused the reduction. He was subsequently thrown out of the movie, and was replaced by someone else.

In a recent conversation with the media, Terrence Howard says that Iron Man is one of the worst movies that he has ever seen, and that he is really quite ashamed about being associated with it in the first place. He says that his involvement with Marvel (the director of Iron Man) had turned out to be quite good at the start. However when he saw the movie later, he couldn’t believe that he had actually made that stuff. He has no regrets of course having made Iron Man, since this is a movie which got him known before the world audience. It gave him an exposure like never

before. Given the chance, Terrence is not likely to make such a movie again. He says that the Marvel experience has taught him that life is hard, but it is possible to make comebacks if you are earnest enough.

Ever since his removal from Iron Man 2, Terrence got back to making 60,000 dollars a movie, instead of six million. This tough period he says has now provided him with the skills that he needs to make twenty million.

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Terrence Howard Says that “Iron Man” is Responsible for Ruining His Career