Sudden-Death Rounds to Take Place for Male Artists on American Idol

This Wednesday saw ten women singing for the five remaining positions on the popular American reality show “American Idol”. On Thursday, it was the turn of the male artists to start competing. The judges of American Idol are of course known to have individual euphemisms when it comes to a particular artist on the show. For instance, if they do complement an artist on the wonderful shoes that he is wearing, it can be understood that he is not going to advance too far ahead in the show. Nick Minaj for instance, told one of the contestants this Thursday that he had a really well-groomed and nice look. This is a comment which no fan competing seriously on the show would take well at all, if he wants to get ahead in it.

The evening however did see some really good performances take place, while a few failed to impress the judges and consequently not make the cut. Curtis Finch was able to impress the American Idol judges quite a good deal by the way in which he carried out a rendition of the song “Superstar” by Luther Vandross. While the song was definitely one that was oversung, the vocal talent which Finch has could not be denied after his performance on Thursday evening. This boy is going to make it big one day in the world of music. Rocketman by Elton was also rendered very beautifully by Charlie Askew. The song suited his voice quite well and he was able to impress the audience with his vocals. Delvin Velez managed to please the crowd on Thursday quite a bit by interspersing the song Listen by Beyonce with a few Spanish lyrics.

Chris Watson, Jimmy Smith and Johnny Keiser were the least impressive. Their songs failed to leave a lasting impact on the audience as well as the judges. While their voices were not all that bad, the performances on stage were lacking in terms of uniqueness. That they are unlikely to advance in the show is not difficult to tell. Paul Jolley and Elijah Liu managed to win their presence on American Idol for a few more weeks with an okay type of performance. What was of course the most amazing sight that night was the performance of JDA who sung “Rumor Has It” by Adele, collapsing onto the floor while doing so.

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Sudden-Death Rounds to Take Place for Male Artists on American Idol