So Over It: 10 Celebs Hollywood Is Giving Up On

It takes a lot for Hollywood to deem someone unworthy of being famous. They truly believe that all press is good press and no matter what someone does, it can be spun in their favor or waited out until someone else does something more drastic. Hollywood is forgiving that way. However, when you do finally take that last leap that leads to deep hatred from your fans, you know that there is a very slim chance of ever regaining their good graces. For Hollywood to shun a celebrity it can be embarrassing and very evident that they no longer have a leg to stand on.

Some celebrities are okay with being on the outs with Hollywood. Over the years they have found that fame was not for them, and they would rather fly under the radar, and get steady independent work, than be in big blockbuster films. Unfortunately, some celebs loved the fame and are constantly looking for a way back in. There are so many up-and-coming actors, musicians, athletes and comedians, a way back in is not always easy. So needless to say, when Hollywood does give you that opening, jump on it and try not to fail in the process. Or you'll become just another celebrity that Hollywood gave up on.

10 Gwyneth Paltrow

9 Katherine Heigl

8 Kanye West

7 LeAnn Rimes

6 Justin Bieber

5 Robin Thicke

4 Miley Cyrus

3 Katt Williams

2 Shia LaBeouf

1 Charlie Sheen

Hollywood has supported Charlie Sheen through drama after drama, arrest after arrest, baby mama after baby mama. He is like the family member that you just cannot give up on. You still hold out hope that one day he will right every wrong. He still shows signs of making a comforting comeback, but unfortunately no one will be there to support him for that. Hollywood looks like they have had enough of his erratic behavior, they no longer want to report on his tiger blood, he has no hit television shows behind him, and he has burned so many bridges even he knows there is no coming back.

Sources: CBSNews, VanityFair

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So Over It: 10 Celebs Hollywood Is Giving Up On