She Took The Backdoor: 15 Hot Movies Where Actresses Did It

Movies give the audience a chance to experience something they ordinarily wouldn’t: a jungle adventure, a bank heist, a reunion with old schoolmates and, of course, sexual encounters. Movies have been pushing the envelope for decades about what sort of sex acts are depicted. In recent years, audiences have seen the taboo in films, including self-pleasure, oral action, girls with girls, role-playing…the list goes on and on.

But one taboo that is often left out is the act subtly referred to as the backdoor. Is it taboo because real-life couples view it that way, or is it taboo because the film industry has avoided portraying it? It’s kind of a chicken-or-the-egg thing. But this is certain: audiences have a desire to see the unusual, and this is one deed that viewers clamor for. They want to see it to because they want to be titillated, say they saw it, and maybe form an opinion. They want to see it because they're forbidden to see it.

Below is a comprehensive list of 15 mainstream movies that weren’t afraid to depict the act of straight backdoor. Some scenes are sexy, some are a little sad, but all are satisfying to one’s curiosity.

15 Basic Instinct

14 Caligula


13 Body Heat


12 Requiem for a Dream


11 Orgazmo

10 The To-Do List


9 Lady Chatterley’s Lover

8 Eyes Wide Shut

7 Storytelling


6 Summer of Sam


5 Crash


4 Last Rites

3 Scarlet Diva

2 Nymphomaniac

1 Nymphomaniac: Volume II

Just like the first movie in the series, Nymphomaniac Volume II is about Joe describing her addiction. It wouldn’t be complete without another backdoor encounter. This one is far more graphic than the scene in the first movie. It’s quite literally trashy as it takes place in an alleyway on top of a trashcan – it’s truly one for the record books. It is also received better by audiences since the characters do seem to enjoy what they are doing. However one views it, the filmmakers did their job with this production as it is highly evocative.


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She Took The Backdoor: 15 Hot Movies Where Actresses Did It