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She Took The Backdoor: 15 Hot Movies Where Actresses Did It

She Took The Backdoor: 15 Hot Movies Where Actresses Did It


Movies give the audience a chance to experience something they ordinarily wouldn’t: a jungle adventure, a bank heist, a reunion with old schoolmates and, of course, sexual encounters. Movies have been pushing the envelope for decades about what sort of sex acts are depicted. In recent years, audiences have seen the taboo in films, including self-pleasure, oral action, girls with girls, role-playing…the list goes on and on.

But one taboo that is often left out is the act subtly referred to as the backdoor. Is it taboo because real-life couples view it that way, or is it taboo because the film industry has avoided portraying it? It’s kind of a chicken-or-the-egg thing. But this is certain: audiences have a desire to see the unusual, and this is one deed that viewers clamor for. They want to see it to because they want to be titillated, say they saw it, and maybe form an opinion. They want to see it because they’re forbidden to see it.

Below is a comprehensive list of 15 mainstream movies that weren’t afraid to depict the act of straight backdoor. Some scenes are sexy, some are a little sad, but all are satisfying to one’s curiosity.

15. Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct is known for being an erotic thriller. What most people remember most from the film is Sharon Stone flashing her lady bits to police during an interrogation. However, there’s a scene even more scandalous than that one! Michael Douglas and Jeanne Triplehorn engage in some backdoor action – and it’s hot. It starts out with the two of them kissing passionately against a wall. Things get a little rough when Douglas tears her clothes off, and the two of them tousle in a will-they or won’t-they moment. Douglas then bends her over the couch, and the rest is cinema gold.

14. Caligula



The group scene in Eyes Wide Shut is stimulating, but the one in Caligula puts it to shame. It is over eight minutes long and features the debauchery of ancient Romans in a most graphic way. There is so much licking, sucking and gyrating that it overwhelming to the senses in the best possible way. Truthfully, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what is happening with each subset of lovers, but it’s been widely reported that this scene does show some backdoor business. Think of it as finding an Easter egg in a movie!

13. Body Heat



Body Heat put Kathleen Turner on the map for being a vixen in this 1980’s noir classic. The best scene is between William Hurt and Turner on a bed with silk sheets. There’s a close-up of Turner, wet with sweat, moving back and forth in motion with Hurt’s thrusts. Her face shows the sensations she is experiencing quite well, from ecstasy to agony and back. Her gasps alone are enough to turn anyone on. At one point Hurt even asks her if she is all right, to which she responds, “Don’t stop.” The film has a sense of humor, though. The next shot is of the two of them in a bathtub together complaining that they are sore.

12. Requiem for a Dream



Requiem for a Dream is a haunting psychological drama centered on the lives of people addicted to drugs. Jennifer Connelly plays one such character in the film, who becomes desperate to get a hold of heroin and will do anything to get it – anything. She agrees to perform in a sex show in front of a group of men in exchange for drugs. The show is horrific, as Connelly performs the famous “booty to booty” scene. In it, she and another girl do the backdoor deed with each other via use of a certain toy. The horrific look on Connelly’s face is unforgettable, and the cheers of the men throwing money at the girls adds another seedy element to this already tragic film.

11. Orgazmo

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the brilliant minds behind South Park, made a little movie titled Orgazmo that grew to have a huge cult following. Parker plays “Orgazmo,” who is a sort of sexual superhero in skin flicks. The movie includes many funny glimpses into the world of the adult film industry. One such part is centered on an aging actress who has to perform more and more daring acts in order to sustain her career, including something known as DVDA. All that’s fit to print is that it involves traditional and backdoor business between one woman and 4 men. The shot of flailing limbs with the five people going at it is priceless.

10. The To-Do List



Leave it to the coming-of-age movie The To-Do List to show the backdoor deed in the funny, lighthearted manner. Aubrey Plaza plays a smart but socially awkward girl who makes up a to-do list of risque experiences that she wants to have. When she gets to the backdoor act, we see shots of her going at it with a guy in her dorm. She gears herself up for her first time with this act, and just when she really starts enjoying herself her dad bursts into her room without knocking. It’s hard to tell who is more mortified by the situation, especially when her dad shouts, “I said not the backdoor! There’s doors we don’t do – the backdoor’s one of them! We went over this!” Of note with this movie is that Plaza doesn’t attain her O until this scene. Read into that what you will!

9. Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Of all the scenes mentioned on this list, the one in Lady Chatterley’s Lover is the most romantic. The film is based on the D. H. Lawrence book of the same name, which was a salacious read back in 1928. It describes the affair an upper-class woman has with a lower-class man after her husband returns from war injured. There are many sexy scenes in this movie, but it’s probably more accurate to call them “love scenes.” One of the most tender is the backdoor scene between the lovers. The man’s movements are slow and gentle, and Lady Chatterley has a serene look on her face. He showers her with kisses and caresses, all on a cozy bed with a fire in the background. After viewing this, men may find that they enjoy it as much as some of the kinkier entries on this list. There is also an updated version of the book-turned-movie titled The Chatterley Affair which shows some more backdoor moves.

8. Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut was a delight for the eyes and ears in the uncensored version which shows a group scene. Only a genius like Stanley Kubrick could pull it off. Tom Cruise plays a man who is lured into an underground society. One night, he attends a private party where a semi-religious ritual is taking place. Cruise wanders around the mansion, and the viewer gets to see what is happening through his eyes. Masked participants are found undulating in every space, experiencing every type of risque sex act imaginable. There are threesomes, women with women, and of course some backdoor action for good measure. This scene highlights the pleasure that can be derived simply from being a voyeur.

7. Storytelling



Selma Blair is most remembered for her steamy girl kiss with Sarah Michelle Geller in Cruel Intentions. The movie Storytelling shows Blair in an even more lascivious role. She plays an aspiring writer who puts herself in situations that will give her inspiration. One such situation involves her going home with her college professor after a night at the bar. He demands that she take off her clothes, then tells her to turn around and bend over. She complies, but there is uneasiness in her eyes. Once they get going, the man tells her to speak dirty to him. Blair is reluctant, but gets more and more into it as the scene progresses. It ends with her screaming dirty-talk and moving in rhythm with the man.

6. Summer of Sam



Summer of Sam should’ve been titled “Summer of Sex,” since it had more to do with the characters exploring their sensuality one summer than it had to do with the David Berkowitz’s killings. The audience gets a steamy scene – a backdoor one, no less – early in the movie. John Leguizamo plays a man who doesn’t want to have taboo sexual relations with his wife – so he cheats on her. The scene opens with Leguizamo and a spicy Spanish brunette going at it in his car. She doesn’t speak English, but her groans and moans are universal. Adding to the eroticism of the scene are the foggy car windows and incidental honking of the car horn when the two reach their climax. Too bad Son of Sam is playing a peeping tom down the street!

5. Crash



Crash is one of those bizarre, but must-see films. It centers on two people, James Spader and Deborah Kara Unger, who are sexually aroused by automobile crashes. One of the longest love scenes is of the two of them having backdoor play. They seem to be oddly dispassionate about the act itself, but derive pleasure from discussing car wrecks and lewd sexy acts. But just like a car crash, the audience can’t look away as Unger shows full frontal nudity. For those who like their movies with plenty of sex and violence, this fits the bill.

4. Last Rites

Last Rites is a corny 80’s movie starring Daphne Zuniga as a mobster’s girlfriend who is fleeing from the mob after he is executed – while they were making love! The couple is initially filmed from behind getting busy. The two are bumping and grinding, and Zuniga’s little gasps of ecstasy propel the sensuality of the scene. There’s even a shot for the ladies when her mobster lover turns around.  That’s as far as the magic goes because (spoiler!) his wife comes in and shoots him – between the legs!

3. Scarlet Diva

Scarlet Diva follows the life of a young woman who travels the world on a binge of sex and drugs. In one scene, the young woman (played by Asia Argento) gets it on with a muscular man in a tiny movie trailer. She is sexy in her black fishnet outfit, which compliments her dark features. It’s obvious that the two are having a naughty-good time with their backdoor session. What heightens the excitement is that they are so eager to get things done that they don’t bother to get undressed or even lie down. Unfortunately for the pair, they are interrupted by someone knocking on the door. What follows is a quick scene of Argento in a bathroom finishing things off for herself.

2. Nymphomaniac

The movie Nymphomanic Volume I is exactly what it sounds like. It chronicles the sexual encounters of a self-described female nymphomanic by the name of Joe. In it, she describes one escapade when she did the whole front door and backdoor thing with a man. Her narration is sad, as it depicts the tragic nature of sexual addiction. One should watch it with the sound off if the goal is to enjoy the romp. Focus on the excitement of the anonymous encounter, and less on the sordid details and backstory.

1. Nymphomaniac: Volume II

Just like the first movie in the series, Nymphomaniac Volume II is about Joe describing her addiction. It wouldn’t be complete without another backdoor encounter. This one is far more graphic than the scene in the first movie. It’s quite literally trashy as it takes place in an alleyway on top of a trashcan – it’s truly one for the record books. It is also received better by audiences since the characters do seem to enjoy what they are doing. However one views it, the filmmakers did their job with this production as it is highly evocative.

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