Sharon and Ozzy Back Together

Everyone knows of the amazing Osbourne family and how they are always in and out of the media. Sharon has seemed to be the rock of the family for some time now. She has been progressing her career as well, being well known in the media, with many appearances on television programs. She is regularly a judge on shows such as the X factor and American Idol.

For anyone who saw the MTV reality show, "The Osbournes" it's easy to tell that the Osbourne family wasn't exactly functional. Ozzy was portrayed as the drunk dad who hung around the house in his pajamas all day. Seeing this made many think this was a somewhat fictional portrayal, but with a deeper look into the situation, troublesome patterns arose.

Earlier this year Sharon left the Osbourne residence due to Ozzy's drug and alcohol abuse. Ozzy had been sober for some time now, and even had a documentary showing his rise to sobriety. With this relapse, Sharon couldn't take it anymore, and just had to leave.

While Sharon has been staying in a Beverly Hills hotel, Ozzy has been working on his sobriety. He has apparently hired a sober team to keep him away from the temptations. After proving to Sharon that he has been sober for a few months, she has agreed to take him back.

In situations like these, we always hope that the one abusing drugs and alcohol can stick to sobriety. We all are rooting for Ozzy during this crucial time in his life.

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Sharon and Ozzy Back Together