Sexiest Action Heroines Of All Time

This list is comprised of the select super ladies who not only can hold their own against their male counterparts but annihilate their enemies and still look really hot while doing it.

Though these masked and anonymous females tend to garner more attention for being sexy than they do for being the kick-ass warriors they are, one thing's for sure; hot as they may be, no one would want to meet any one of them in a dark alley (unless, of course, they volunteered to be tied up beforehand).


9 Elektra  - Jennifer Garner

A red bustier and low riding leather pants.  No, this is not an image from a Victoria's Secret catalogue, but a hired assassin. Lady love to Daredevil, Elektra Natchios is a marital arts master who wields a pair of bladed Japanese sai. The character was first recreated by Jennifer Garner on the big screen in 2003s Daredevil with then offscreen boyfriend -and now hubby and baby daddy- Ben Affleck.  Ben and the rest of the world were so impressed we almost managed to forgive the forgettable 2005 flop flick spin off, Elektra.

8 Lara Croft - Angelina Jolie


Lara Croft proved to be the ultimate sex symbol to millions of gamers around the world when she was introduced as archeologist extraordinaire in the first of the Tomb Raider video game series. And when it came to adapting the character to the big screen, Angelina Jolie was inevitably cast. In the character's signature braid, Jolie made those figure-hugging tank tops, short shorts, and mountain boots fashion staples and incited a bevy of video vixen impersonators in the years to come.  To quote Angelina herself: "When you see tough girls like that in movies, it's like they can't possibly also be sensual and comfortable with their sexuality. And I wanted to challenge those expectations. You know, that she's this real person."

7 Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Sarah Michelle Gellar

"I wanted Barbie with a Kung Fu grip," said Joss Wheden, creator of the television series Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Cut to Buffy Summers, a kick ass teen queen and a supernatural demon-killing machine. And with Sarah Michelle Gellar filling those high school high tops of the cheerleader, our pom poms shook like weak knees at prom. Add to that a blood-sucking beau and life was not so different from any other teenage girl. Bella who?

6 Jean Grey - Famke Janssen


Jean Grey can fulfill all of your deepest, darkest fantasies telekinetically. Understandably, this kinky mind-over-matter mutant is caught between Wolverine and Cyclops (but not necessarily at the same time -behave!). Portrayed in the X-Men movie series by Dutch babe Famke Janssen, if strong and sexy is your thing, this heroine has more power (at least over men) than most of the other heroines on the list combined.

5 Barbarella - Jane Fonda 

It's the year 40,000 and Barbarella (aka Queen of the Galaxy) is sent to Tau Ceti (in the first of many revealing outfit changes) to bring back Dr. Durand Durand, the creator of the Positronic Ray, a dangerous weapon that could prove deadly should it fall into the wrong hands.  The plot is as hokey as it sounded back in 1968, when the film was first released, but today thanks to the Bambi eyes and Bardot-esque doll face of Jane Fonda, this film is ushering in younger generations. Or maybe it's Barbarella's opening space suit striptease.

4 Aeon Flux - Charlize Theron


A raven-haired Charlize Theron decked out in scintillating black spandex, baring plenty of cleavage, and performing some really awesome acrobatic moves, introduced the post-MTV generation to Aeon Flux. The eponymous 2005 film, which was based on an anime series of the same name, takes place in the distant future and Charlize plays a voluptuous vigilante who wages war on the government after her sister is murdered. The vixen lusts for violence while the voyeur just lusts.

3 Invisible Woman - Jessica Alba

Imagine all of the naughty things you could get away with if you were invisible. Is this what makes Invisible Woman so intriguing? After overexposure to a cosmic storm, "Sue" Storm Richards, one of the Fantastic Four, is given the ability to not only make herself disappear but render objects and other people invisible as well.  Her powers require her to take off her clothes (without asking for a tip), though we're sure Jessica Alba was well paid when cast to do her scenes in the big screen version. She dons a blonde wig and blue contacts to play the part of the Nordic featured superhero and manages to look as exotic as Natasha Kinski in Cat People.


2 Wonder Woman - Lynda Carter


When Wonder Woman, warrior princess of the Amazons first appeared in DC Comics back in 1941, comic geeks everywhere took notice. With her Lasso of Truth, tiara and invisible airplane, the American flag clad heroine took the world by storm whether stopping bullets with her magnetic bracelets or bringing foes like The Cheetah and Doctor Psycho to their knees with her skills in martial arts. And when Lynda Carter burst onto the small screen in 1975 as the titular Diana Prince, it wasn't just comic geeks who stopped in their tracks. For three seasons, the former Miss World USA spun her way onto our television screens enlisting a new legion of fans in the process. Maybe it was her brains over beauty approach that garnered all the attention, but we think watching the crime fighting vixen kick butt in those star emblazoned hot pants and knee high boots each week may have had something to do with it.

1 Storm - Halle Berry

Yes, Halle Berry was horrific when she played Catwoman in the eponymous feature film.  But as sexy weather girl Storm in the X-Men series, she's perfectly cast (it's also worth mentioning the form-fitting leather jumpsuit is a vast improvement from the flashy, over-the-top cat costume she sported in 2004).

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