Selena Gomez a Picture of Beauty at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Selena Gomez is probably known better for her beauty and for her relationship with Justin Bieber than for her career in music. This young star reached fame at the tender age of eighteen when she hooked up with pop sensation Justin Bieber who is also of the same age.

Her relationship with Bieber was the talk of the town. She succeeded in driving many of her female peers to jealousy. There was also a significant rise in the number of fans that Selena had, when her relationship with Bieber became publicly known. Their recent breakup might have caused their fans to think that Gomez and Bieber have spelt disaster for their professional careers. The two were quite an item together. Their popularity was much to do with their personal chemistry than their talent as musicians.

Fans of Gomez will therefore be surprised when they see how radiant Selena looks when she is not around her former boyfriend. Indeed, the musician was a picture of beauty at the Vanity Fair after party which was held at the Sunset Towers the conclusion of the Academy Awards ceremony. Selena Gomez was dressed to kill in a Versace gown of a nude shade. The color of the gown complemented the color of her skin very well. She looked like a princess before the shutterbugs. They just could not stop clicking whenever they were near her.

Selena Gomez was present at the event along with girl friend Vanessa Hudgens who was dressed in a beautiful body hugging gown. The two looked lovely together as they hung around the bar, interacting with other guests and talking about the movies recently made in Hollywood. Hudgens and Gomez has become quite a pair at the parties. The two are seen together at almost every after party these days, having fun together. Gomez managed to make headlines that night by flirting with a number of eligible bachelors. Her fans will of course be excited to know about who she links herself up with next.

Gomez was unavailable for interview at the after party. She was so engrossed in the fun-filled event that it was difficult to get her to come and say a few words before the camera. Though Gomez was unavailable, but it is certain that we will soon get to hear about her having a new boyfriend. Yes, Bieber is now nothing but history for Gomez. She is stunning and single. It won’t be long before she is seen as the arm candy of another celebrity.

This break up might also give Gomez the opportunity to focus on her music career and go to great lengths with it.

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