Scientology: 15 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Followers

Scientology.Org defines itself as “a religion that offers a precise path leading to a complete and certain understanding of one’s true spiritual nature and one’s relationship to self, family, groups, Mankind, all life forms, the material universe, the spiritual universe and the Supreme Being.” They believe people are really spiritual beings, not limited to only their bodies or just to one single life, who have unlimited capabilities.

Scientology is better known to many as the new religion Tom Cruise, John Travolta and many other Hollywood stars fully embrace. We all remember all the gossip surrounding Cruise and his former wife Katie Holmes, and the mystery around their daughter’s involvement with Scientology. However, Scientology is more common of a religion than many people realize, with famous people across the United States following their “Supreme Being.” Here is a list of 15 celebrities who you may not have known were falling into the ranks with Travolta and Cruise in the pursuit of “true spiritual enlightenment." Some may seem pretty obvious, or like no brainers, but some may surprise you. From musicians to actors and actresses, it seems Scientology has a larger presence than once thought.

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15 Kelly Preston

Actress Kelly Preston being a Scientologist is really no big surprise when you think about it. She is in fact married to John Travolta, who has been in the public eye clearly as a Scientologist. She also has worked with and is friends with Tom Cruise, another notable Scientologist. She even attended Cruise’s wedding, where he had a Scientologist perform the ceremony. She has been seen at different openings and meetings for Scientologists. Preston has been in a few blockbuster films, including Jerry Maguire and Twins. Preston put her acting career on hold to manage and raise her family, presumably with Scientology included.

14 Alanna Masterson

Actress Alanna Masterson is probably best known for her role in The Walking Dead, but many people do not know that she is a Scientologist. Masterson was raised in a Scientology-loving family, but apparently ran into some turbulence when her father stopped believing in the church and the idea behind the Supreme Being. Vanity Fair did a large piece on the religion in 2012 and interviewed her father, Joe Reaiche, intensely about the religion and why he chose to leave. The former Scientologist accused the religion of causing tension between himself and his kids after he lost his faith.

13 Catherine Bell

12 Nancy Cartwright

While the name Nancy Cartwright may not ring any bells, and even an image may draw blanks, many of us would recognize her voice. Cartwright is probably most famous for being the voice behind Bart Simpson from The Simpsons. Cartwright is clearly passionate about her religion, donating large amounts of money (around $10 million according to one website) to the religion and trying to encourage her friends to do the same. She has even appeared in some Scientology commercials for events and happenings around the community. The strangest thing of all, the website features a flyer Cartwright put out, finished off with a photo of a little baby sculpture she made to honor Scientology.

11 Kirstie Alley

When actress Leah Remini left the church of Scientology, a lot of news circulated around the backlash she received from other celebrities who were involved in the church. This included actress Kirstie Alley, most well known for her role in Cheers and her stint on Dancing With the Stars. Alley received a lot of media for calling Remini a bigot and saying she was now her “enemy” after leaving the church. Alley has since said her feud with Remini is now water under the bridge and over, but she still remains active in the church and an ever loyal Scientologist.

10 Jenna Elfman

Another celebrity who got some not so flattering fame for expressing disapproval of Remini leaving the church is actress Jenna Elfman. Elfman, most well known for her role as Dharma on Dharma & Greg in the late nineties and early 2000s, is a notable Scientologist and a loyal follower in the church. In fact, it was Elfman’s Tweet that Alley retweeted to start the rumors of her disapproval. Rumors have made the rounds online suggesting Remini was not the only one to catch disapproval from Elfman, some former Scientologists said Elfman judged them harshly and openly right to their face.

9 Jason Lee

Actor Jason Lee is most well known for his role as the main character on My Name is Earl but not many people know he is also a Scientologist. His religious affiliations got some press after his divorce with actress Carmen Llywelyn. She left the “cult,” as she so kindly put it, and told the media all about how she was treated by them before and after she left. She claimed Lee sent her a “disconnect” letter when she left. Lee also drew some heat for his religion after going after a few Twitter followers who questioned his religious affiliations.

8 Elisabeth Moss

Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss has had a hot and cold relationship publicly with the church of Scientology. While she is still a member, she voices some disagreements with the church, but also credits the church and her religion with making her a better person. She believes the empowerment has helped her become more successful in her life, and possibly after her divorce. Many believe it was her religion that led to her divorce, since her ex-husband is not a Scientologist. Even though she belongs to the church, Moss apparently believes in interpreting the teachings, directly citing the fact that she believes in equal rights.

7 Ethan Suplee

Next on the list is Jason Lee’s My Name is Earl co-star, Ethan Suplee. Suplee, also known for roles in films such as Remember the Titans and Evolution, has had his share of appearances in Hollywood films and productions. But, not many people know that he is actually a Scientologist as well. There were actually rumors circulating that the church had a role in Suplee, as well as a few other practicing Scientologists, getting a chance to appear in My Name is Earl since the show’s creator and many of its stars are members of the church. Whether that is true, we’ll never know, but we know he is a Scientologist.

6 Juliette Lewis

Actress Juliette Lewis has been in many Hollywood blockbusters over the years, but many people are not extremely familiar with her personal life, or the fact that she is a Scientologist. She caught a lot of publicity for her religion when she came out to defend actor Tom Cruise in 2014. When Cruise got a lot of backlash for being a Scientologist, Lewis insisted it was the pharmaceutical companies trying to destroy him, since Scientology is typically against big market drugs like anti-depressants. Lewis claimed that big pharmaceutical companies ran Hollywood, and when Cruise spoke out against them they decided to fight back.

5 Beck

Musician and Scientologist Beck (Hansen) has been mostly private about his religious beliefs and affiliations over the years. Understandably so after he was associated with the death of a couple who claimed they were harassed by members of the church, including Beck and Cruise. The couple had worked with Beck professionally and were linked to him, with documents showcasing the apparent harassment from the church and its members. They had both committed suicide, and while rumors suggested Beck was somewhat responsible for their deaths, nothing ever came of it. He has managed to stay out of the tabloids for his religion since though.

4 Doug E. Fresh

There seem to be very few hip-hop artists in the Church of Scientology, but at least has come out publicly to support the religion. Douglas E. Davis, otherwise known as Doug E. Fresh, has come out in a couple sources to promote the religion. Davis, who believes he was the first hip-hop artist to join the religion, told Essence in an interview about his faith, “Scientology is not a white religion. It is not just for white people.” He continued to encourage the black community to look at the religion and consider what it has to offer, but did warn that it is not for everyone.

3 Michael Peña

Actor Michael Peña is known for different comedic roles in Hollywood. He came into the scene pretty abruptly and made an immediate impact with multiple hard-hitting movies and even landing a role in the Marvel Universe. But, the young actor apparently sought to fill a hole in his life with Scientology. In an interview about why he joined Scientology, Peña said he was unhappy even after all his fame and saw a commercial (with none other than Jenna Elfman) that encouraged him to join. After seeing a bit of the commercial, apparently he just walked right into one of the churches and asked how to join.

2 Laura Prepon

Actress Laura Prepon, best known for her role on That ‘70s Show or Orange is the New Black depending on which generation you’re from, is known around Hollywood for her chill and relaxed personality. She credits this personality trait to following Scientology. Actually, she really credits it to being a “theton,” otherwise known as a spiritual being attached to her own body. While she has not been too public about her religion, she has come out to condemn some rumors suggesting the church is homophobic and against equal rights. The rumors suggested the church was against her role in OITNB, but Prepon made sure we knew that was not true.

1 Danny Masterson

Laura Prepon’s That ‘70s Show co-star Danny Masterson, comes in at number one on our celebrity list. Famous for his laid back and chill personality as Hyde, Masterson seems to carry that over into real life. I guess it is not super surprising he is a Scientologist, as his family appeared earlier in this list. Masterson has been open about his religion and the prejudice his religion faces, versus the protection other religions seem to get. Masterson claims it is a logical idealism with nothing much too it besides the pursuit of knowledge and cleansing oneself of bad past memories.

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