Scarlett Johansson's 15 Hottest Movie Moments

Since first appearing on our screens as a young actress, Scarlett Johansson has established herself as one of Hollywood’s hottest properties – and we mean that in both senses of the word. She is one of the biggest stars right now, appearing in the Marvel comic movie universe as Black Widow, as well as being one of the most attractive women in film.

She first appeared in North in 1994, and since then has built up a formidable reputation. She takes on arty projects, labours of love, and Hollywood blockbusters in equal measure. She is definitely multi-talented: she won a Tony Award for Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Play, and also released two albums of her own music. She was also named the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire Magazine in both 2006 and 2013, making her the only woman to claim the title twice. Playboy agree, naming her the Sexiest Celebrity in 2007.

She’s also known her fair share of Hollywood beaus, having once been married to Ryan Reynolds. They divorced in 2011, and she has also dated big names like Josh Hartnett and Sean Penn. They have a daughter together, born in 2014, but one of her biggest tabloid moments came in 2011. A hacker broke into her phone and published nude photographs that she had once sent to her ex-husband, revealing them for the world to see. Although it was surely an embarrassing moment for her, it only confirmed what we already knew from the screen: she is one hot lady. Here are her top fifteen hottest movie moments.

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17 Don Jon

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Scarlett’s role in Don Jon was pretty tongue-in-cheek, as she took on the persona of a New Jersey princess who is a “perfect 10”. She highlighted her suitability for the role with a range of tight, figure-hugging dresses and outfits, all of which only served to make her more appealing. Plus there’s her hard-to-get attitude, which has our male lead scrambling around after her for the majority of the movie’s runtime. The comedy aspect of the movie eventually has us looking at her in a less appealing light, but she would have to be a dream come true for any New Jersey guy.

16 Lost in Translation

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The opening shot of the movie has to be one of Scarlett’s hottest moments ever. Laying on her side in bed, clad in just a pair of very see-through panties, we definitely get a good look at one of her best assets. While the rest of the movie has mixed reviews – some find it boring, others call it the best film of all time – this shot is definitely a classic. It grabs your attention right from the start, setting you up for the movie to come. It also cemented her reputation as a big star, opposite heavy hitter Bill Murray.

15 He’s Just Not That Into You

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Alright, so you absolutely have to envy Bradley Cooper. He gets to full-on grope, kiss, and strip Scarlett in one scene from this movie. It goes without saying that this is one of her hottest movie moments, and the tension between them feels absolutely real. There’s also another scene where she strips off to dive into a pool fully naked, playing a little joke on him after they agreed to be nothing more than friends. Watching her float in the water is obviously very enjoyable for him, and it is for us too. He refuses to join her, which probably makes him more strong-willed than any real straight human male.


13 The Prestige

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The main thing that impressed us most about Scarlett in The Prestige was… well, her body. The costumes they chose for this film definitely suit her figure, as the glamorous assistant who sits up on the stage in a lacy, fringed black corset and very little else. It’s easy to see why they chose her for the role, and even easier to believe that she might have been doing that job for real if she was born a hundred years or so earlier. They definitely make good use of her body as a distraction technique in a few places, too!

12 A Good Woman

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The funny thing about this film is that Scarlett’s character is supposed to be the young, innocent woman, not the seductress going after someone else’s husband. Even despite all that, she ends up lusting after another man, and I’m sure most readers would agree that it would take a very strong heterosexual man who could refuse her advances. Her transformation from innocence to lust is one of her hottest movie moments for sure, and will leave you feeling a little hot under the collar yourself. Her revealing costumes certainly help in more than one scene, where they show her off to a good degree.


10 The Island

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First off, who wouldn’t want to run around an action movie with Scarlett? Secondly, her costumes for this movie definitely hit the right notes. A skin-tight jumpsuit which particularly shows off her crazy hips/waist/cleavage ratio is always a good choice for her, and definitely makes this movie a little bit more interesting. Of course, it’s not very highly rated, and a lot of people might say it doesn’t quite make it worthwhile. But still, she killed the looks for this role. As a bonus, her red carpet looks while promoting the movie were also very, very hot, so look those up.

9 Iron Man 2

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When we first meet Scarlett’s Marvel superheroine, Black Widow, she’s in disguise as Tony Stark’s new secretary. This is our first hint that we are really going to enjoy her character on screen. She exudes sex appeal, particularly so when she switches into her alter ego and reveals herself as a player with major skills. As soon as she slides into that tight black catsuit, we are treated to one of her hottest movie moments yet – and the beginning of a series that many of us can’t wait to see the next instalment of. We’re still waiting for that Black Widow standalone story!

8 The Spirit

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Here Scarlett takes on the role of Silken Floss in a movie that, to be honest, hasn’t had a huge viewership. You might want to give it a watch after you catch some images of Scarlett in her uniform! Even when a uniform has a dark aura, it can still be very attractive – and Scarlett certainly does her best to bring the air of a femme fatale into play. This is one of her archetypal looks, with blonde curls and black lipstick adding to her allure, mixing traditional sexiness with a hint of a dark side. She even rocks the glasses look!

7 Under the Skin

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We aren’t going to waste time here telling you about the plot of Under the Skin, because there’s only one thing you need to care about: the fact that Scarlett appears full-frontal naked in one of the scenes. She is playing a non-human inside a human body, and we get to see that body in all of its glory. You might want to have the pause button handy, ready for that moment so that you can enjoy it in full. She also appears in lingerie, as above, and there are plenty of sex scenes throughout the film between the cast.

6 Scoop

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Scarlett seems to enjoy a great working relationship with Woody Allen, and here she is in another one of his films. The main focus of this movie is Scarlett’s red swimsuit. Okay, so there might actually be a plot as well, but most of us noticed that and then not much else. To be fair, it was really quite distracting – which is why it worked so well as a plot device, helping her to catch the attention of the man she actually wanted to investigate. Her goofy glasses for the rest of the movie are a little off-putting, however, even for someone like Scarlett.

5 Match Point

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This Woody Allen film features Scarlett as the woman who manages to entrance a married man, despite the fact that getting intimate with her could seriously damage his social status and career. Any man watching this movie has to agree that it’s a risk probably worth taking – and that they would take it if the chance arose! Scarlett is sparkling as she seduces not just one, but two of the leading males, complicating matters hugely in the process. It’s worth a watch just to dream about being one of those lucky, lucky men. Yes, even the one getting his heart broken!

4 A Love Song for Bobby Long

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This is a heavy, literary-focused movie which is all about a girl coming to claim the house that her late mother left to her, only to fit in with a dysfunctional family of two basically useless but intelligent men. All of that is irrelevant, because if you do watch this movie, most likely you will be watching it for one particular scene. That’s when a hastily-opened bathroom door reveals Scarlett Johansson standing in only a towel, and needing to quickly scramble to cover herself up. It may be a brief glimpse, but it’s certainly a hot moment for her.

3 Black Dahlia

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The real-life Black Dahlia was an aspiring actress and was supposedly incredibly beautiful, so it’s little wonder that they cast someone like Scarlett Johansson to star in a film about her. It may take a few liberties with reality, but all of that is fine so long as we get to see Scarlett strutting her femme fatale act, which just never gets old. This is one of the roles that really allowed her to be as sexy as possible, laying it on thick and still definitely getting away with it. It’s worth watching just to check her out over and over again.

2 Vicky Cristina Barcelona

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Scarlett exudes sexiness all the way through this film, but if we had to pick one moment that stands out from all the rest, it’s definitely the part where she leans in for a kiss with co-star Penelope Cruz. The two girls, along with Javier Bardem, embark on a three-way relationship that is all kinds of hot. A lot of men would pay a lot of money to exchange places with Javier in that scenario in real life – or even on the movie set! Their kiss and the further hints of their relationship are definitely one of her hottest moments ever on screen.

1 The Avengers

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When we first met Black Widow, we knew she was hot. But it’s in The Avengers that she really shows her true potential – as a badass. There’s no way you can forget her introduction scene in the movie, captured and bound to a chair in just a slim black cocktail dress. Although it looks like she is in a bad situation, she is fully in control, and demonstrates that just moments later by taking out all of the bad guys who have her cornered – while still attached to the chair. To top it all off, it happens in one of the biggest mainstream nerd movements in movie history. Scarlett Johansson has a lot of hot movie moments, but for many fans, this has to be a favorite.

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