Scarface: 15 Things You Didn't Know About The Timeless Film

Cult classic films are timeless pieces of work that film fanatics share with their unknowing friends, family and offspring, if they just so happen to be parents. From the grindhouse classic Zombi 2: The Dead Are Among Us to the classic revenge film I Spit on Your Grave, that empowered women and downed r*pe culture, the 70s and 80s were the golden era of shock jock and bloodbath films that provided the perfect first dates to make any lady or guy cringe and have them gripping to your coat sleeve.

Then there was one film that tied the grindhouse film era into mainstream Hollywood and became one of the most infamous gangster films of all time, in Scarface. The movie that described the entire drug binging state of America and showed an immigrant's path to the top through sheer dominance, wit, murder and the business of drug trade, that has yet to be halted by our very own justice system. Scarface is truly a story of tragedy, but has influenced an entire generation to take exactly what they want by any means necessary.

To this very day, Scarface is referenced in music and pop culture, even as it approaches 35 years since its original release date. But what many people don't know are the struggles and changes that had to be made while in the process of making this classic film. To make something great, adversity is always going to be something to overcome, especially in the film industry, and even though Tony Montana is a fictitious character he's living proof of turning nothing into everything. With all that being said, check out these unknown facts about the cult classic, Scarface, and remember the one phrase lit up in neon lights that the movie taught all of us... The world is yours.

15 The Film Was Sort of A Remake

14 Oliver Stone Used His Own 'Habits' To Inspire The Blockbuster

13 Brian De Palma Quit Another Hot Movie To Direct Scarface

12 This Was Tony Montana's Little Sister's Big Break

11 Tony Montana & His Mother Were A Lot Closer In Age Than You Think

10 Omar Suarez In The Film Was A Real Gangster

9 Pacino Was Seriously Burned While Shooting

8 Only Two Real Cubans Were Casted In The Movie

7 Cuban-Americans Did NOT Enjoy The Film

6 The History Of Tony's Trophy Wife, Elvira

5 De Niro & Travolta Were Almost Cast As Leads

4 Huge Impact On The Hip Hop Community

3 Rated Worse Than The Standard 'R'

2 Truth About The Infamous Chainsaw Scene

1 Was Scarface Even Called Scarface?

At the beginning of the movie, Tony Montana was asked by immigration how he got the large scar on his face. In which the immigration officer made the joke that he had gotten it via cunnilingus, Tony replied snarkily but he never really answered the question as to how he got the scar. As a matter of fact, that was never answered at all. Hm. Anyways, throughout the course of the entire 170 minute movie, Tony Montana was referred to as Scarface only once... and it wasn't even in English. He was called 'Caracicatriz' which translates to Scarface from Tony's native language of Spanish. Who would have ever guessed that...?


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Scarface: 15 Things You Didn't Know About The Timeless Film