Robin Williams $30 Million Divorce Sends Him Back to TV

Robin Williams is broke!

The Oscar-winning actor revealed that the reason why he is returning to the screen after a 30-year hiatus is that he needs money. His last TV series was Mork and Mindy which ended in 1982.

In an interview, he shared, "The idea of having a steady job is appealing. I have two [other] choices: go on the road doing stand-up, or do small, independent movies working almost for scale. The movies are good, but a lot of times they don't even have distribution.”

He added, “There are bills to pay. My life has downsized, in a good way. I'm selling the ranch up in Napa. I just can't afford it anymore."

The comedian suffered from two failed marriages and lost a lot of money in divorce fees. He ended his marriage with first wife Valerie Velardi in 1988. In 2008, he divorced Marsha Garces and spent more than $30 million for the fee. "Divorce is expensive. I used to joke they were going to call it 'all the money,' but they changed it to 'alimony.'"

Now, the 62-year-old comedian is back on TV with a new chapter in his life playing the role of an over-the-top ad exec in CBS's The Crazy Ones. The comedy series directed by David E. Kelley which also stars Sarah Michelle Gellar as his daughter, will debut on September 26.

Williams has won four Academy Award nominations and won a golden trophy for Good Will Hunting.

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