Rob Dyrdek Biography: His Rise to Fame

Introduction: Who is Rob Dyrdek? Robert Stanley popularly known as Rob Dyrdek is a professional American skateboarder, entrepreneur, reality TV star and actor. Rob Dyrdek was bo

Introduction: Who is Rob Dyrdek?

Robert Stanley popularly known as Rob Dyrdek is a professional American skateboarder, entrepreneur, reality TV star and actor. Rob Dyrdek was born on 28th June 1974 in Kettering Ohio. He rose to fame pursuing a career as a pro skateboarder and staring in his own reality shows; "Ridiculousness", rob and big and Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory.


8 Early life

In his early life as a child, Rob Dyrdek was involved in sports. He gained an interest in skateboarding when he was 11 years old after he was given his 1st skateboard by Neil Blender who was then a professional skateboarder.

He had the opportunity to develop an interest in skateboarding when he was very young which is why he was able to focus on skateboarding, perfect the sport and become a pro skateboarder. Rob has been on the record stating that; as a child, all he would think of while in school was skateboarding tricks that he would do after school during his free time.


7 Rob Dyrdek professional skate boarding career

At the tender age of 12, Rob Dyrdek managed to secure sponsorship from a company that sponsored famous pro skateboarders like Neil blender. This is when Rob officially rose to fame and begun his pro career in skateboarding.

A few years after launching his career, he decided to quit together with blender to start; Alien Workshop which is currently among the top skateboarding deck sponsors in the U.S. At age 16, Rob Dyrdek quit high school senior year to move to Southern California and continue building his skateboarding career.

After moving to Southern California, Rob Dyrdek started riding for a company known as Droors Clothing which later transformed to DC shoes. Both companies (DC shoes and Droors) were formed by a renowned skateboarder; Danny Way.


6 Skate boarding career achievements


In his career as a skateboarder, Rob Dyrdek has managed to set 21 separate GWR (Guinness World Records). The world records are showcased in his former reality show rob and big. Some of the records involve; peeling and eating the most bananas while skating and eating the most powdered donuts while skating. Setting world records in his reality show cemented his career as a skateboarder propelling him to the top. His is now one of the most famous pro skateboarders of all times.

In his other reality shows i.e. Fantasy factory series, Rob Dyrdek managed to set the world record for largest skateboard in the world. Other world records set by Rob Dyrdek include; 46 consecutive frontside ollies in 2007, 12 ollie big spins in 2007, 73 consecutive nollie kick-flips in 2007, 12 circle flips in 1 minute in 2007, 15 heel flips in 1 minute in 2007, 215 consecutive ollies in 2007, 22 Nollie kick-flips in 1 minute in 2007, the longest stationary manual in 2007, 9 switch front-side kick-flips in 1 minute in 2007, the longest rail grind (50-50) 100 feet in 2007, the longest board slide in 2007 and the highest skateboard rampjump into water 3.29m set in 2007.

Rob Dyrdek also has other achievements i.e. founding a skateboarding league known as SLS (Street League Skateboarding) which has become an international event attracting professional skateboarders from all over the world.


4 Rob Dyrdek's net worth/fortune and business ventures/interests

Rob Dyrdek is currently worth $15 million according to sources such as richlist. It is however rumoured that he is worth more than that i.e. $40 million because of his vast business interests. Rob Dyrdek managed to become rich through his DC shoes sponsorship deal, his reality shows and his ownership in Alien Workshop, Monster energy and Silver Trucks.

Dyrdek began exploring entrepreneurship a few years into his career which led him to launch his own shoe design and other companies i.e. a skate shop and a record label. Currently Dyrdek has numerous business interests /ventures such as a cartoon; wild grinders on Nickelodeon network, Street League Skateboarding, Megahorse racing and a foundation calledRob Dyrdek Foundation.

He also has partnerships with a number of brands i.e. Bill My Parents, DTA Rogue Status and Instant Scoring Experience. Dyrdek also has a toy company owned by him and his childhood skateboarding friends. The toy company has 6 characters. His business ventures/interests don't stop there. He has his own Body spray line called make moves which donates a fraction of its profits to his foundation.

All this business ventures and interests apart from his foundation earn him millions every year. Ventures such as his reality shows earn him over $30,000 per episode.


3 Lifestyle

Rob Dyrdek currently lives in a $2.25 million dollar Hollywood mansion which he bought in 2012. The house has 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, stunning valley, mountain and city views, a striking pool, a 3 car garage and a spacious grassy yard. The house also has a clerestory windows and a fireplace made of stacked stone. The house measures 3700 square feet. Rob is selling his former home for $2.49 million (located in 2431 Apollo Drive). Rob also has another home in Los Angeles; North Knoll Drive valued at $1.4 million.

Rob loves fast cars as much as he loves good homes. He owns many fast posh cars i.e. a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, Ferrari 458, a Porsche Panamera and an Aston martin DB9.


2 Personal life

Rob Dyrdek isn't married and has no children. He has a sister, Denise and Cousins; Christopher and Scott Pfaff whom he has been close to since childhood. Rob prefers to spend most of his time around family and friends. He has featured his two cousins in both his reality shows; Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory and Rob and Big. He became a minister just to perform his sister's Denise wedding in 2011 December which was shown in his reality show; Dyrdek Fantasy Factory. Dyrdek currently lives alone with his two bulldogs; Meaty and Beefy. He has heard many rumored relationships but nothing serious or on record.

1 What the future holds for Rob Dyrdek

The future looks bright for the multitalented star. He has very many promising business ventures. If he continues in the same direction, he is bound to enjoy more success. As far as his personal life is concerned i.e. marriage and children, time has already caught up with him. Only time will tell if he decide to get married and have children.


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Rob Dyrdek Biography: His Rise to Fame