Rihanna SNL

Rihanna graced the SNL stage last November, 2012 with two songs from her ‘Unapologetic’ album: “Diamonds” and “Stay”.

Her first performance was to her song “Diamonds,” the performance was deemed odd as she performed in front of a green screen which appeared to look like a low-budget high school production. It wasn’t Rihanna’s fault at all for it was SNL’s , the graphics were puzzlingly out-of-date. Rihanna looked trapped in new age-fantasy film, and her band mates disappeared into the dated digital creations, with the odd sight of flying saucer peace signs floating across the screen. She was upstaged by an awkward green screen.

Nevertheless Rihanna recovered on her second performance: “Stay” where she was able to keep things spare and simple. Further, Rihanna reminded listeners that she is a singer first, stage performer second.



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Rihanna SNL