Rihanna Hairstyles

Bold and daring Rihanna changes her hair styles regularly from blonde to cherry red, she is just fearless to try any color and cut. Rihanna admitted   “I am rebellious through my music, through my fashion, tattoos, and my hair” and she love the interest it provokes in her her fans.

Her favorite style? Rihanna loved her red hair because, it was,  “expressive, daring, and got a lot of attention, both good and bad."


Rihanna Short Hair styles in 2013:


Rihanna 2012 Hair Styles : Pop sensation Rihanna continues to reinvent her looks from black to fiery red to blonde.

Rihanna at her basic black hair color with bangs shaving off some strands to the left.



Rihanna 2012 Blonde Hair Styles

Rihanna in Messy Blonde                                                      Long Blond With Bangs


Curly Rihanna

Rihanna 2011 Hair Stlyes


Rihanna known as the "Barbadian Queen", is not only famous for her beautiful hazel green eyes, and plumped lips which makes her personality  simply seductive  but also famous for her fashion statements', her ever changing hair styles.


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Rihanna Hairstyles