Rihanna Haircuts

Rihanna is known for her variety of trend setting haircuts. By the time the world is taking on her new trend, Rihanna has already moved on to another hairstyle. Rihanna has explained in many interviews that she finds her way of expressing herself is through her hair and clothing. That is how we can interpret the place she is in life.

Rihanna Boy Cut - Rihanna at the VMA's in her super-short boy cut.

Rihanna Short Hair Sraight  Cut - Rihanna in bright red locks at a family dinner at Da Silvano resto.

Rihanna Boy Cut - Rihanna in bold cropped cut.

Rihanna Short cut with bangs - Short straight cut with  highlighted bangs

Rihanna Fauxhawk Cut - Looking glamorous at the Grammy Awards.

Rihanna Side Parted Straight Cut -  Rihanna's elegant framing look.


Rihanna's Long Wavy Haircuts

Rihanna's tresses one evening at NYC                                 Rihanna in Soft Spiral Curls


 Rihanna in Long Straight Haircuts

 Rihanna long red tresses with Letterman                       Rihanna in Red Straight Haircut












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Rihanna Haircuts