TV's Highest-Paid Kid Actors 2010-2011

Angus T. Jones is the highest-paid child actor on TV,the Two and a half men star doesn't star on a Disney Channel show nor does he headline one of Nickelodeon's many kid-friendly programs he actually stars on the CBS hit show, 'Two and a Half Men.Angus T. Jones makes a  whopping $250,000 per episode.

The New York Post revealed their list of the top 10 highest-paid kid actors on television. After polling talent agents, casting agents, and other TV executives, they narrowed down TV's richest mini-moguls.

10 Angus T. Jones, 17

9 Miranda Cosgrove, 17

8 Selena Gomez, 18

Selena Gomez was cast as a teenager with magical powers in "Wizards of Waverly Place" in 2007. The series even won an Emmy Award for outstanding childrens' program in 2009.

7 Dylan and Cole Sprouse, 18

6 Keke Palmer, 17

5 Miley Cyrus, 18

4 Rico Rodriguez, 12

3 Demi Lovato, 18

Another teen idol cut from the Disney cloth is Demi Lovato. After starring in the hit Disney Channel Original Movie "Camp Rock," Demi was given her own TV series and has achieved success in the music industry all at the ripe old age of

2 Victoria Justice, 17

1 Atticus Shaffer, 12

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TV's Highest-Paid Kid Actors 2010-2011