Reasons why “Heart Attack” is the Best Song by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is quite a well known singer. She has made a name with her quirky style both on stage and in music videos. She has a beautiful face, a great body and a voice that can mesmerize thousands at the same time. Demi Lovato has won a number of awards for her music skills and has a very large fan base. “Heart Attack” is one her most famous songs. There are five good reasons for this.

1.    The first reason is that, it is an original song. No, this is not a feeble attempt at a cover made by Demi Lovato, although this is something that she is known to do quite frequently. Heart Attack is a song which is a hundred percent original. It has been composed by the singer when she was in a deeply inspirational mood. The originality of the music as well as the words has helped the song to become such a success worldwide.

2.    The tune of Heart Attack is one of the catchiest tunes ever. Once a person hears this song he is likely to hum it over and over again. The song has gone down really well with those who are in their teens and who want to dance to some good peppy numbers. This is one of the reasons why you can hear Heart Attack being played quite frequently at nightclubs and discos all over. It is a very good dance number and can keep people moving to it for a good long time.

3.    Heart Attack is a very grown up song. The lyrics are very mature indeed – it describes the experience of a person when he falls in love. She talks about how scary the whole experience of falling in love can be, and how people make themselves very vulnerable to their emotions. As such, the song is a very real one. Listeners can easily identify with the lyrics when they hear the song being played.

4.    Heart Attack is a song which has been written by Demi herself. This makes the song even more personal. The true sentiments that the singer underwent when she wrote it are well expressed through its music and in the way she sings it. The personal touch in the song is very evident.

5.    Heart Attack is at the top of the charts and is a raging hit among the masses in Canada and in America. There is a rush to buy the album. Demi has stirred up quite a furor over this song of hers.

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Reasons why “Heart Attack” is the Best Song by Demi Lovato