15Gaston’s Hairy Chest

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The Beauty and the Beast is supposed to be mostly about Belle and the prince that was cursed to look like a beast. Yet there is also the character of Gaston, and while this was not a huge reveal, we think that it should at least be featured on our

list here. In the song aptly titled “Gaston”, we get to hear the characters singing about all of the wonderful things about Gaston. He is strong, powerful, he is brave and muscular. There is a part in the song when Gaston unabashedly rips open his button-down shirt and reveals a big, bulky chest...complete with “manly” chest hairs. Some people would find it gross, others would think it was a turn-on, and still other viewers would just think what the heck, Disney? There are definitely moments in Disney films when the animators go a bit too far with their representations, and no one needed to see all that chest hair on an animated character.

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