Phase 3: Ranking Marvel Studios' Highly Anticipated Upcoming Movies

Marvel just announced their Phase 3 line-up, and it seems too good to be true. With new titles in The Avengers, Captain America and Thor franchises as well as the introduction of new franchises such as Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel and Black Panther, Marvel has once again left us with high expectations spanning over the next six years. This comes just after that amazing trailer for Age of Ultron leaked just a few days ago. With Phase 2 just about wrapped up the studio certainly has their work cut out for them if they hope to top their last crop of films. But phase three looks like it could put out the studio's most successful titles to date.

Two more Phase 2 productions are slated to be released within the next year, starting with the aforementioned Avengers: Age of Ultron, and then ending with the introduction of Ant-Man. This then sets the field for the seemingly endless list of titles recently announced. While the introduction of new characters and sequels is exiting, the real satisfaction is surely going to be seeing all those Infinity Stones gathered, setting the stage for what may be one of the greatest battles we’ll see on screen.

These are all of Marvel Studios' upcoming films, ranked based on our levels of excitement. Don't agree with our rankings? Let us know in the comments which of Marvel's upcoming films you are most looking forward to!

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10 Ant-Man - July 17, 2015

We know that Ant-Man will star Paul Rudd as the titular character alongside Lost’s Evangeline Lilly and veteran actor Michael Douglas. The film is slated for release this coming summer and will be adding another fresh face to Marvel’s roster of superhero films. Fans of the series will be happy to finally see Scott Lang on the big screen after several failed attempts were made dating back to 1980. Though Ant-Man might not have the powers of the Hulk or the presence of a Tony Stark, his back story is certainly one of the more heartwarming out of the current line-up of heroes.

9 The Inhumans - November 2, 2018

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Scheduled to come out the same year as Captain Marvel, Marvel’s Inhumans could be another sleeper hit, akin to this year's massively successful Guardians of the Galaxy. Like Guardians, Inhumans seems to be a bit of a niche franchise, but the popularity and praise that the aforementioned Guardians film received leaves hope that this too could be a franchise enjoyed by both comic fans and casual moviegoers alike. The Inhumans themselves are an ancient group of 7,000-year-old humans that gained superpowers through experimentation done by an alien race known as the Kree, who coincidentally appear in Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s still a long ways off but Marvel’s recent track record gives fans reason to get hyped.

8 Black Panther - November 3, 2017

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If there are any superhero movie fans out there that aren’t familiar with Marvel’s The Black Panther, now’s as good a time as any to start reading up. Actor Chadwick Boseman (42 and Get on Up) has reportedly signed a five-film contract with Marvel. The character is set to debut in the third Captain America film, with his own feature following a year later. After signing on for five movies it’s safe to assume we’ll all be seeing a lot more Black Panther, and it seems as though Marvel’s pretty keen on making this their next big franchise.

7 Captain Marvel - July 6, 2018

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This movie’s big because it’ll be Marvel’s first film starring a female lead. With DC's Wonder Woman movie having been announced just a while ago, everyone was anxious to see if Marvel would respond with their own female-led feature. Their response was to bring in Carol Danvers. There’s a lot of fun to be had with Carol’s character, especially if the film's writers decide to incorporate certain aspects of her origin story, such as Carol having no memory of being her alter-ego and vice versa. What’s interesting is that they’ve introduced her as Captain Marvel, when – if you really want to be picky about it – Danvers was originally known as Ms. Marvel, only inheriting the Captain Marvel moniker back in 2012. For now, fans will have to wait and see what the studio has in mind for its first female lead.

6 Avengers: Age of Ultron - May 1, 2015

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The trailer leaked only a few days ago and it instantly caused a huge wave of hype, being viewed by millions of anxious fans. A sequel to the wildly popular and successful Avengers, Age of Ultron focuses on the aftermath following the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. Their enemy this time around is a self-aware A.I. known as Ultron who – finding mankind a hindrance to the earth – sets out to destroy humanity. There’s not much more to say except watch the trailer if you haven’t. Though it was supposed to air during a broadcast of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the leaked trailer’s already created a huge buzz surrounding what’s almost guaranteed to be one of the biggest hits of 2015.

5 Thor: Ragnarok - July 18, 2017

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Marvel’s Kevin Feige described the third Thor film as being “a very important movie in Phase 3.” Ragnarok will pick up sometime after Avengers: Age of Ultron leaves off, and it seems as though the events of this entry in the Thor franchise should have a large impact on whatever films come after it. Ragnarok most probably refers to the Thor clone made out of the Asgardians' DNA as well as Stark tech, which played a somewhat a terrifying role during the Civil War story arc. It just so happens they also announced a new Captain America movie called Civil War, coincidence?

4 Doctor Strange - November 4, 2016

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Now that it’s finally happening, the Doctor Strange film is sure to introduce moviegoers to a different kind of superhero, one much stranger than the usual super powered men in tights than they’re used to. Doctor Stephen Strange, a former neurosurgeon now serving as the “Sorcerer Supreme” for earth spends his time fighting off magical and mystical threats. This opens the door to the beautifully weird and magnificent side of the Marvel universe. Instead of fighting with a hammer, a shield or a hulk, Strange uses magic to ward off his enemies. Not to say that the whole superpower deal is getting dull, but Strange’s magic powers offer a nice change of pace when considering every other superhero movie out there. If that’s not enough to get excited about, Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch is reportedly in talks to play magnificent magician, and while nothing is confirmed, Cumberbatch’s resume speaks for itself.

3 Guardians of the Galaxy 2 - May 5, 2017

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No one could have possibly predicted the success of the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Marvel took a franchise that was well out of the mainstream and turned it into one of the highest grossing superhero films of all time. Not only was it action packed but also offered pretty decent character development as well as some legitimately funny scenes. No, not the usual cheesy superhero movie lines we’ve all grown accustomed to, but actual laugh out loud humour. Now hoping to repeat its predecessor’s success, Guardians 2 will be released ahead of schedule and will be written and directed by James Gunn – who co-wrote and directed the series’ first instalment.  All of the main cast are expected to return, as well as Josh Brolin as Thanos.

2 Captain America 3: Civil War - May 6, 2016

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The Civil War storyline is one of the biggest events in the Marvel universe in recent memory. Pitting two of Marvel's most popular and influential superheroes against each other, as well as dividing the entire superhero community, the plot revolves around the Superhuman Registration Act, which divides the Avengers as well as their two leaders, Iron Man and Captain America. There’s always been some obvious tension between Cap and Stark and Civil War will give audiences front row seats to the two of them finally fighting it out. Since this will be a Captain America title yet still follow a storyline that greatly affects the Avengers as a whole, it’ll be interesting to see if the film will be balanced in showing both Captain America and Tony Stark’s sides equally.

1 Avengers: Infinity War I & II - May 4, 2018 & May 3, 2019

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This is it. There’s been so much build up in so many films and so many easter eggs all leading up to this right here. Fans, who’ve been eagerly awaiting the conflict between earth’s mightiest heroes and the mad, power hungry titan Thanos will finally get what they’ve been waiting for in a two part event to be released within a one year period. The films will most probably start with the Infinity Gauntlet arc that everyone’s been eagerly anticipating before moving onto the Infinity War storyline. We’re finally going to see Thanos get his hands on the Infinity Stones he’s been chasing, and since these films are set to take place after the events of Civil War, it’ll be interesting to see just who will be standing in his way and what kind of a role the recently announced "new" superheroes will play in the ordeal.

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