Psy Earns $8 Million from Youtube Advertising Revenue

Psy has too many things to be thankful for with Youtube. His online advertising revenue earned him $8 million from Youtube alone as reported by Google chief business officer Nikesh Arora.

Taking the world by storm with his hit song "Gangnam Style", came the shower of money to the Korean rapper. "Gangnam Style" has earned the World Record for being the most watched video on Youtube approaching to 2 billion views at the moment. It was reportedly viewed 1 million overnight. The $8 million revenue was translated to 0.65 cents in total earnings per YouTube view. Psy is estimated to profit $4 million and the rest of the $4 million went to Google.

Also adding to that is its revenue from iTunes which was downloaded roughly 2.1 million times and earned him $3 million.

Moreover, Psy also earned $60,000 from online sales in Korea and his company YG Entertainment received $870,000.  He also sold 100,000 copies of physical CD's in South Korea alone.

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Psy Earns $8 Million from Youtube Advertising Revenue