Prince Michael, Michael Jackson's 16 Year Old Son Works as Television Reporter

The 16 year old Prince has interviewed actors like Zach Braff and James Franco, and also the director Sam Raimi. The interview was for the new movie, “Oz the Great and Powerful”. According to reports, Prince was being mentored by Brooke Anderson from the show. The interview is going to be aired on Entertainment Tonight this week. Before the interview, Anderson offered a few pointers to Prince on what to ask, and how to lookout for answers and ask questions based on this. It is surely going to help Michael a lot as he starts off his career in the entertainment industry. But Anderson also says that he just gave Prince a few pointers. Ultimately he was on his own – Anderson says. “He didn’t really need a lot of guidance.” It seems like we may have a very smart young man here, though of course, it is miles away from being the next Michael Jackson.


That’s a lot of plans for a 16 year old who is just starting off. But hey, this chap’s the son of the legend – Michael Jackson. So he may know what he’s talking about.

Prince Michael also says that he wants to become like Oprah Winfrey someday in his interviewing skills. He loves Oprah’s casual and yet extremely effective style. Prince reveals that Oprah has been something of an idol for him for a long time now. But Prince too was complimented for his style and composure by the interviewees in the show according to reports coming in.

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Prince Michael, Michael Jackson's 16 Year Old Son Works as Television Reporter