Poor Hygiene: Hollywood's Dirtiest Celebrities

Guess what? Celebrities are just as normal as everyone else and their reported hygiene habits prove it. Everyone has skipped a day or three of showering, has forgotten to brush their teeth or apply de

Guess what? Celebrities are just as normal as everyone else and their reported hygiene habits prove it. Everyone has skipped a day or three of showering, has forgotten to brush their teeth or apply deodorant and has had less than stellar cleanliness routines. Well, celebrities are no different. While, some of their hygiene habits are downright nasty and not at all relatable, other hygiene habits are actually quite understandable. Although stars are associated with glitz and glamour, some of them do in fact suffer from bad hygiene. Here are ten dirty Hollywood stars that need to take a bath.

10 Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has been very vocal about her hygiene habits. She's admitted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to not brushing her teeth very often because she doesn't like the slippery feeling that they have after brushing. The pop star confessed she only scrubs her pearly whites three times a week. Instead, she uses Listerine and rubs them clean with her shirt - 0 out of 5 dentists recommend this hygiene habit. Reportedly, a housekeeper informed Star magazine that Simpson is also very messy and will leave her clothes and hair extensions all around the house.

9 Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson maintains his signature hair with his very own beauty secret - not washing it. In an interview with Extra, Pattinson admitted to not washing his hair for six weeks, because he really didn't see the point in doing that. It appears Robert doesn't care about his apartment's hygiene either. Pattison noted, "It’s like, I don’t clean my apartment ’cause I don’t care. I have my apartment for sleeping in and I have my hair for just, you know, hanging out on my head. I don’t care if it’s clean or not.” Crew members on the set of the Twilight films reported that Robert Pattinson drove cast members crazy because he smelled so terrible. It looks like they were not Team Edward.

8 Matthew McConaughey


Heartthrob, Mattew McConaughey admitted to People magazine that he does not wear deodorant because he doesn't want to smell like someone or something else. The forty-four year old actor hasn't worn deodorant in more than 20 years. Co-star, Kate Hudson while filming, Fool's Gold with Matthew back in 2008, reportedly begged him to wear deodorant and even offered her's up because she couldn't stand the smell. Free spirit, McConaughey declined Kate's offer and informed her, "Women love my natural scent. I smell like a man. I smell like me."

7 Cameron Diaz


Like Matthew McConaughey, Cameron Diaz has also admitted to not wearing deodorant for almost twenty years. According to Splash News, Cameron wears the same outfit for four days and then never wears it again. Diaz has also taken a clear stance on pubic hair recently, declaring that a woman's lady parts should not be groomed, because it's natural. The forty-one year old actress is also constantly photographed with stained clothes and sweaty pit stains. There just something about Cameron Diaz.

6 Christina Aguilera


Christina Aguilera seems to be taking her lyrics, 'Wanna get dirty?' a little too literally. In fact, the famous pop singer reportedly stinks. She's been said to smell like hot dogs and dollar store perfume - weird. A bathroom attendant at LA Bar Belly allegedly witnessed Christina Aguilera using the restroom and then not washing her hands. She returned back to her table eating fried calamari with her filthy paws and shaking hands with unsuspecting fans that approached her table. That was so nice and so gross of her.

5 Julia Roberts


America's sweetheart, Julia Roberts is apparently not so sweet smelling. A former bodyguard revealed that Julia Roberts goes days without showering because she likes to save water, which is very green and very honorable of her. The bodyguard also added that Roberts smells like a total hippie - whatever that is. Julia has admitted to not wearing deodorant, rarely showering and being lazy when it comes to shaving. What happened to our Pretty Woman?

4 Megan Fox


The foxy, Megan Fox is apparently not so foxy. The twenty-seven year old actress confessed that she's horrible to live with, mainly because she doesn't clean, she forgets to flush the toilet and she leaves her clothes everywhere. Megan stated, "Friends will tell me, Megan you totally pinched a loaf in my toilet and didn't flush." That too much information, Megan.

3 Anderson Cooper


While chatting with Stacy London of TLC's show, What Not To Wear on Anderson Live in 2012, Cooper revealed that he wasn't into fashion at all. He actually confessed to the fashionista that he wears the same pair of jeans every day and doesn't wash them for months on end. London tried offering up some hygiene advice, by telling Cooper he should wash his jeans more than once every six months and that he should wash it in cold water with no soap. Anderson Cooper didn't quite understand that logic and informed Stacy that when he does wash his jeans, he wears them into the shower and soaps them up. Does that really sound crazy?

2 Britney Spears

Britney Spears reportedly removes her clothes and flings them on the floor when she arrives home - which many of us can definitely relate to. According to a housekeeper, half eaten burgers, cookies and fries have been found under the pop star's bed - which is not as understandable. An ex-bodyguard reported that Spears picked her nose, broke wind, refused to shower for days, did not brush her teeth or hair and did not wear deodorant, while he was working for her - which is completely unjustifiable.

1 Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Star magazine got the inside scoop from a housekeeper who revealed that the couple lives like a couple of hobos. Pizza boxes are scattered across the floors, spoiled food is left out and crayon marks covers the walls from their children - sounds like a college house. Allegedly, the famous couple doesn't bathe very often with a week or two separating shower times. It's been reported, while on the set of Inglorious Bastards, Brad Pitt's smell was so bad, that costar Eli Roth taught him how to wash up with baby wipes. After all, what are coworkers for?

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Poor Hygiene: Hollywood's Dirtiest Celebrities