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Phaedra Parks Reveals the Secret to an Amazing Body

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Phaedra Parks Reveals the Secret to an Amazing Body

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The workout DVD is named “Phine Body”. It can be of great use to those who are looking forward to some tips on how to look as beautiful and fit as Phaedra and her husband without taking too much trouble for this. The workout video stars both Apollo and Phaedra and contains a clip of them giving instructions to their fans and admirers on how to stay fit and healthy throughout the year.

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What makes this video especially interesting is the fact that Phaedra is pregnant while carrying out these exercises. She is such an inspiration for all pregnant mothers out there who want to maintain a wonderful body, while at the same time give birth to a healthy baby child. Indeed, Phaedra shows them the way for doing just this. She demonstrates how intensive workout sessions can be done at home easily and that, everybody is capable of keeping himself and herself fit, in spite of having a very busy schedule. The video is of an hour’s duration. It contains a demonstration of some exercises that have been done by Phaedra and Apollo.

The pregnant Phaedra was glowing with happiness when she was interviewed about the release of this video. She told OK magazine that both she and Apollo make it a point to check Amazon from time to time to see how the sales are going on, and to check for profit. So far, there has been a huge demand for the video. Thousands of people are buying it.

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Phaedra says that it was her being pregnant and a career woman at the same time that prompted her to make this video in the first place. She says she knows how hard it is for career women to juggle between their careers and personal lives. This video aims to show all working professionals how a busy professional life and workout sessions can be accommodated in a day without difficulty. In fact, she and Apollo have added an eight minutes workout session to this particular video that will make it possible for people to get over with their workout sessions in a short time.

When asked whether she was going to do a post baby video workout as well, she said that she wanted to make a workout video that was specifically meant for pregnant women, to show them that they can give birth to beautiful babies by staying healthy themselves.

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