Perez Hilton a Dad? Yes It’s True!

Whether you believe it or not, Perez Hilton is finally a Dad. The celebrity blogger welcomed his first child into this world a few days back - it’s a boy! Perez Hilton is one of the most well known celebrity bloggers. It’s not uncommon to come across his blogs where he is trashing stars for the kind of clothes they wear and the kind of people that they are in relationships with. He is among the biggest nosy parkers, and his trashy blogs make for interesting reading for those who are interested in the lives of celebrities. Indeed, the blogs of Perez receive a lot of hits from around the world, mostly from the US.

One wonders what Perez is going to be like as a Dad though. The man who has had so much filth to say about celebrity parents might himself now be judged for the first time in his life. We are yet to see how he responds to this! Perez has been discreet about his personal life even though he makes a living out of writing on the personal lives of others. At a point his blogs became a thorough nuisance. It is unknown how many lawsuits he has had to face because of his inflammatory comments. His writing style and his ability to perceive a particular celebrity in a specific light is what makes his blogs so popular. This is the main reason why they are read by so many people. This is a man who has a gift with his words and knows how to gain the interest of his readers.

The old Perez could not be identified at all when he was being spoken to. No, this was a man who was happy to be a father, who was happy to welcome a tiny infant into this world and was all aglow when interviewed about the child by the media. It would be interesting therefore to now read what Perez has said about parenthood. Perez has attacked several celebrity parents for their bad parenting skills and the way they lead their lives in spite of being parents. The spotlight is now going to be on Perez.

More than his fans who will not be judging him as much, it is his critics who will be placing him under the greatest of scrutiny. Perez should not get ready to face the wrath of those who hate him. They will be waiting for him to make a wrong move so that they can lambast him online about it. Times are happy for Perez the father but they may not be too happy for Hilton the blogger. No, this man is now set to get some pretty nasty comments.

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Perez Hilton a Dad? Yes It’s True!