Paramore's new single "Still Into You" Rocks Hard

Paramore has been topping the charts since their debut album "All We Know Is Falling," dropped back in 2005. The indie pop rock group has been touring the US and the world for almost a decade now. Selling out most every show that they headline. They have rubbed shoulders with entertainment greats on tours as well, sharing the stage with No Doubt on their reunion tour.

Paramore has released 2 studio albums since 2005, with hits such as Decode and Brick By Boring Brick getting major radio rotation. When their song Decode was featured on the Twilight soundtrack, Paramore was able to attract a whole new group of fans that introduced them more into the mainstream.

Over the years, Paramore has gone from being a small punk band in Tennessee, to being one of the most renowned touring acts in the world. As far as rock bands with a female lead singer, few acts can stand toe to toe with Paramore and Hayley Williams.

Despite the rough changes in band line up, Paramore has proven that their new trio (Hayley, Jeremy, and Taylor) can still deliver the pumping music that keeps fans on the edge of their seats.

Their new single "Still Into You," has created some real media buzz. With Hayley's new profound fashion statements, and the poppy sounds that are somewhat new to Paramore, a breath of fresh air has been breathed into Paramore's career.

Hayley had this to say about the bands new upbeat and poppy sound.

 "That whole time for our band (Speaking of the album "Brand New Eyes") was such a dark season. It was emotionally exhausting, and by the time we got around to the point where we were going to start writing, we just really wanted to enjoy the process of making an album, really just enjoy the reality that we're in a band and our dreams have come true. You know, we should be happy about all this. So I think that's what was most important to us, and we didn't really know how that would manifest itself through the music, but it just happened."

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Paramore's new single "Still Into You" Rocks Hard