Oprah to Auction off her Favorite Things

One of the most popular episodes that Oprah had on her talk show was "her favorite things", which is where the audience was awarded gifts that Oprah absolutely loved. These were often very expensive and included things like tablets, laptops and even cars. If you've wanted to get your hands on these things, then you can through an auction that Oprah is holding. The only difference with this (besides having to pay) is that the things up for auction are personally hers, not just things she likes.

Proceeds from sales will go to Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation College Fund, which benefits young girls in South Africa so that they can have brighter futures. The auction will happen on November 2nd in California at the Santa Barbara Polo Club and Racquet Club. Most items are sure to sell for thousands of dollars, so expect to pay a hefty price for Oprah's very own belongings.

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Oprah to Auction off her Favorite Things