On-Screen Romance: 15 Co-Stars You May Not Know Hooked Up In Real Life

Have you ever watched a racy love scene in a movie or film and thought, "Surely this isn't the first time they've done this"? You're not alone. In fact, it seems that viewers are right to be suspicious in regards to how naturally some co-stars appear on screen as it seems, that hookups tend to be the Hollywood rule rather than the exception. From the Brad's and Angelina's all the way back to the Lucy's and Desi's of yore, it seems that working both on and off screen is something that happens more often than not.

Nevertheless, even in the highly public arena that is Hollywood, a few hookups actually managed to slip under a few radars. In fact, given the level of disclosure and transparency expected from fans during the present social media golden age, more and more celebrity couples are motivated to keep their personal lives under wraps. No matter if these are fairly substantiated rumors which the actors themselves may not choose to acknowledge or the subject of a random talk show game in which some, now much more mature actor, finally spills the beans about a behind the scenes hookup from the past, the following is a closer look at 15 co-star romances that you may have known nothing about.


15 Blake Lively & Penn Badgley - Gossip Girl

Although the cute as a button co-stars originally denied their budding romance during season 1 of Gossip Girls, co-stars Blake Lively and Penn Badgley certainly got the rumors mills going. Although they clearly attempted to keep their private lives out of the public eye, the truth eventually caught up with them. Literally caught in the act, the couple opted to give up the ghost when they were caught making out a year later. Calling it quits officially in 2010, perhaps someone should've told the writers as 'ole Serena and Dan end up tying the knot on the show and presumably live happily ever after.

14 Tori Spelling & Jason Priestley - Beverly Hills 90210

A great one for the 90's kids, while we were all placing our bets on which starlet was most likely to have a love child by the resident bad boy. Luke Perry, it seems some of the other co-stars were already busy getting busy. Whether it was kept quiet due to the fact that it is said that the pair hooked up between seasons or due to the obvious fact that the show was produced by her father, Aaron Spelling, is unclear. Either way, Spelling recently spilled the beans and apparently, Jason was less than pleased as he took to Twitter to express his disdain over Spelling's comments on the ancient fling.

13 Shannen Doherty & Jason Priestley - Beverly Hills 90210

Another case of hookups done in the dark, it seems Brandon Walsh was more of a bad boy than he seemed to be on-screen. Priestley is also said to have had a fictitiously incestuous hook up with his on-screen twin, Shannen Doherty. Whether this hookup was kept out of the spotlight due to the need for privacy or the ability to ruin the storyline of the show is unknown. Either way, it seems that Priestley has attempted to leave the closet hookup in the past. However, this was once again to no avail. Doherty spilled the beans in recent years and accused Priestley of having selective amnesia in regards to the hookup. Although he did eventually sing her praises via a small series of tweets, many accused him of doing it for publicity as the phrase "read my book" was included within the contents of said tweets.

12 Shia LaBeouf & Megan Fox - Transformers

Another forbidden love affair on the list, however, the complexities involved in this hookup have much more to do with real life than that of the one created on screen. Indeed, it is highly unlikely that the details of this hookup will be released anytime soon as Fox was very much married to her husband and father of her children, (also a former "90210" star) Brian Austin Green. Although it is a well-known fact that the couple had a rollercoaster, on again/ off again romance, it has been speculated that her affair with LaBeouf may have overlapped Green’s and been the cause of one of the many separations. Either way, this certainly makes the Transformers franchise that much more interesting.

11 Kim Fields & John Henton - Living Single

Another off-screen romance that would have totally ruined the storyline and perceived chemistry of co-stars, Kim Fields and John Henton's long-term romance was something that was largely kept away from the public eye. Although this wouldn't have necessarily been meant the total oblivion of Overton and Regine, the lack of chemistry between their on-screen characters would have certainly made things awkward for fans. The notion of the lovable idiot hooking up with one of the most superficial characters on the show likely would not have sat well with die-hard supporters of the show.

10 Katie Holmes & Joshua Jackson - Dawson's Creek

On the flip side, this hookup would have actually been a dream come true for fans. Although we are all well aware that the show ended with our beloved Pacey and Joey finally ending up together, many are unaware of the fact that they may have been each other's first love in real life as well. Although neither actor has officially spilled all of the beans, in an interview from 1998, Holmes admitted to falling love and having one of the most amazing experiences of her life while filming the show. Although she never specified she was speaking of Jackson, when asked, she didn't deny it either and simply continued to assert that the experience had been a life changing one.

9 Evangeline Lilly & Dominic Monaghan - Lost

Despite being caught up in a very tumultuous, on-screen Lost love triangle, Lilly was much more interested in having a monogamous relationship in real life. A seemingly unlikely match by some standards, it is said that their off-screen chemistry was leaps and bounds more intense than what could be perceived whilst filming. Either way, perhaps the character of Kate was closer to Lilly's character than had been originally thought. Although they originally said the split was amicable, Monaghan later revealed that Lilly had been unfaithful in 2013.


8 Jennifer Love Hewitt & Jamie Kennedy - The Ghost Whisperer


While some assert them to be an odd couple, others believe that their differences are what made them so good for one another. Either way, while filming their show, The Ghost Whisperer, Kennedy and Hewitt had a full-fledged romance. Although it didn't last, it seems that they have established a bond that will last well into the afterlife. When asked about their history, Hewitt readily admitted that the two had been an item and stated that he was one of the few people who actually saw her for who she truly was.

7 Channing Tatum & Amanda Bynes - She's the Man

Although you may or may not have been ready to see Bynes as all grown up during the time in which she was filming her blockbuster smash, She's the Man, it seems that Channing Tatum received an up close and personal demonstration of her newly acquired womanhood. While neither of the stars has had much to say about it, a reliable source asserts that Bynes and Mr. Magic Mike were caught making out off-screen, on numerous occasions. She's the Man, Indeed!

6 Emily VanCamp & Dave Annable - Brother & Sisters

Initially cast to play sibling on the show, Brothers & Sisters, the hookup between Vancamp and Annable is a great example of how off-screen hookups can completely alter a storyline. Although they were supposed to be blood-related on the show, as the chemistry between the duo continued to build, it became next to impossible to have them play believable relatives. In order to save face, the writers decided to alter the facts so that the couple would no longer be legitimately related. At this point, they began their life as an on and off-screen couple until VanCamp left the show and the relationship in 2010.

5 Katherine Heigl & Jason Behr - Roswell

Another case of on-screen siblings turned off-screen lovers, long before Katherine Heigl became the household name she is today, she appeared on a fairly well-known sci-fi show, Supernatural. While filming the show, Heigl ended up dating her on-screen brother, played by actor Jason Behr. While they didn't have the issue of too much on-screen chemistry as other co-star couples, perhaps this was a telling sign that things were beginning to fizzle Although the details of the breakup remain unknown, we can't imagine having to play brother and sister on the daily basis helped their romance much. Either way, the couple officially called it quits in 2001.

4 Will Smith & Tyra Banks - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Almost a no-brainer, although Will Smith certainly had his fair share of beautiful leading ladies, of course, he dated supermodel, Tyra Banks. Although neither Smith nor Banks have publicly confirmed this, sources close to the show assert that following her array of recurring, guest appearances of Smith's show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Smith and Banks continued dating for at least another year. However, obviously, the relationship didn't work out as they each have gone on to have a series of other public romances. Interestingly enough, Smith ended up marrying Jada Pinkett, a woman whom he met when she also auditioned to play his main love interest on the show but was denied as the producers felt she was too short for the lanky actor.

3 Anne Hathaway & Topher Grace - Valentine's Day


Although you may not have known he was such a ladies man, Topher Grace (most well-known for his role on That 70's Show) has always been quite the ladies man. Moreover, far from a man who enjoys kissing and telling, Topher has gone great lengths to keep his private life out of the spotlight. Perhaps, that is why you likely never knew he was dating Anne Hathaway. However, sources close to the couple assert that after meeting while filming the teeny bopper film, Valentine's Day, the two were like a pair of googly-eyed school kids. While there is little to no mention of the duo as a legitimate couple, sources say they were an item from 1999-2001.

2 Kaley Cuoco & Johnny Galecki - The Big Bang Theory

The collective nerdy fan base of "The Big Bang Theory" is about to have a massive geekgasm! For those who are unaware, yes, Leonard and Penny were actually a thing in real life! Why or even how they managed to keep this under wraps is beyond us. However, what is clear is that after they officially called it quits on their relationship in 2010, they admitted that they had been dating for at least two years. Perhaps, this is what adds the touch of on-screen magic we witness each time we see these two fall into each other's arms. Either way, it seems that their on and off-screen romances are still yet unwritten.

1 Wilmer Valderrama & Mila Kunis - That 70's Show

Another highly taboo hook-up, although the world was clearly more smitten with the on-screen romance of Jackie and Kelso, sources assert that their might have been much more going on behind the scenes. While neither Kunis nor Valderrama have ever admitted to it in public, it has been said that the two dated during the early stages of the show. However, quickly calling it quits, it is unclear if it was a simple case of incompatibility or if they each had their sights set on other co-stars. A cast that was chock full of secret dating rumors, the only one that has been fully substantiated was that of Jackie and Kelso as they are now the married parents of one child with one on the way! Not bad for a bunch of recovering stoners...

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