Not That Hot: 15 Celebs Whose Looks Are Lukewarm At Best

Hollywood is a place where the beautiful people are… or is it? When we examine many of its stars closely, we find that most aren’t all they're cracked up to be. Stars have physical flaws just like eve

Hollywood is a place where the beautiful people are… or is it? When we examine many of its stars closely, we find that most aren’t all they're cracked up to be. Stars have physical flaws just like everyone else - they are simply better at disguising them. Some hide excess weight behind billowy clothing, some conceal facial imperfections with makeup, and some trick the eye by being photographed with arm candy.

The most savvy stars, though, use their publicity machines to brainwash fans into thinking they are better looking than they really are. It’s a trick that works better than lighting, airbrushing and dieting. After you hear something enough times, you start to believe it is true. Deepika Padukone became notorious as an exotic beauty once her PR team promoted the notion that she was the most beautiful woman in the world, as named by “the Internet.” Gwyneth Paltrow is considered gorgeous due to being named People magazine’s “World’s Most Beautiful Woman” in 2013 – an honor that other stars like Jennifer Lawrence declined that year. And Leonardo DiCaprio is a sex symbol due to the amount of women he’s dated, something his publicist never lets us forget.

Frankly, we feel a little cheated by all this deception. Isn’t it enough that stars are rich and famous? Do we really have to believe that they are all perfect tens? If you are as tired of this game as we are, then read on as we count down the top 15 stars who are far from hot, and whose looks are lukewarm at best.

15 Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer has played iconic roles like that of Anne Boleyn on The Tudors and Margaery Tyrell on Game of Thrones. And like those characters, her success is due more to her personality than her beauty. Dormer is attractive, but she’s not all that. At 34, she is no spring chicken but still holds onto her baby fat. Some find it refreshing, while others wish she’d lose the ten pounds that the camera adds.

What is most disappointing is her face. It’s rather nondescript – except for her asymmetrical mouth. It’s a great asset on-screen because she uses it to show her character’s feelings. But in still pictures, she perpetually looks like she just bit into a lemon. Her wide set eyes do nothing to even things out. Dormer could certainly correct these imperfections by balancing her features out with a heavier eyebrow or teased hair at her crown, but for some reason she has failed to. Maybe she likes looking unique – or maybe being British just makes her want to play things low key.

14 Kim Kardashian


If you saw Kim Kardashian in real life, you might think that she’s unfortunate looking. She is short and plump, and those are two features that have never been categorized as desirable. Her face is also overly done. Her lips are so enhanced that they curl up at the sides, and her eyes are so heavy with makeup that it’s almost impossible to focus on the iris. Even her infamous rear end would look bizarre to a person in real life, because it’s so outsized that it looks cartoonish.

Kardashian has made enough money for a thousand lifetimes, which is good news for her because her days as a queen bee are numbered. The public is fickle, and is growing tired of her artifice. The conception of beauty evolves over time, and it will boomerang back to conventional ideals of beauty in no time – it always does. Kardashian will soon look outdated.

13 Harry Styles

There’s a reason Harry Styles is a successful singer, rather than an actor or model. It’s because he doesn’t have much in the looks department. It’d be quicker to list his good features rather than his bad, but we just can’t think of anything about him that is attractive. His long hair is reminiscent of Boy George. His pale skin and wide mouth remind fans of all ages of a young Mick Jagger. And his super skinny physique is just alarming.

It’s hard to believe that he’s only 22, because he looks much older than that. If he’s going to be successful as a solo artist, he needs to overhaul his image pronto, because he won’t have his One Direction buddies around to shoulder his shortcomings.

12 Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez did the unthinkable: she managed to transition from child star to adult star with minimal difficulty. Some might think that is due to a special something she possesses, but it’s more likely that she was fortunate enough to have fans that aged with her. It’s definitely not due to her looks, which are just so-so.

Even though she slimmed down once she reached her twenties, her face maintained its fullness which makes her resemble a chipmunk. Her wide forehead and low hairline do her no favors. So, it’s no wonder that Gomez tries to hide behind a mountain of flowing hair and smoky eye makeup when she’s on-screen and on stage. She has a decent body, but it’s not for every taste. Some fans appreciate her curves, and think she looks like a toned down Jennifer Lopez. However, others prefer a more svelte look. They want to see their stars with defined abs and narrow hips, which is definitely not Gomez. Hers is more of a Jersey shore-style physique.

11 Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas is one of those guys that young girls adore, but that puzzles men as to what the big fuss is about. Jonas has the pretty boy looks of a teen idol, and even that assessment is pushing it. If you look closely at any amount of pics of him, you will realize that most of his posed photos are taken from certain angles, which are meant to capture only his best features. When you see him in a pic that is taken off the cuff, or in a pic that is straight on, his looks fade into the sunset. His dreamy eyes look dull, his dark looks come across as swarthy, and his notorious eyebrows look bushy and unkempt. And when you see him next to his exes like Gigi Hadid, you realize how small in stature he is, at 5’7”. Female stars are often carefully crafted by glam squads to have a beautiful look, and Jonas is the male counterpart to this.

10 Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea is another songstress that wears revealing get-ups in an effort to hide the fact that her looks are average. Her body is disproportionate, with a small upper body and chest area that sits on top of wide hips and legs. Her face is no better, as her pale skin is at odds with her black eyes, which always seem to be expressionless. Her blonde hair is her best feature, yet it looks very unnatural given her dark roots and dark eyes.

However, things could be worse for Azalea. What we see now is her at her best – after she (allegedly) had the help of plastic surgeons. It doesn’t take a trained eye to realize that she had her nose thinned and her chin defined. One mistake she did make, though, was plumping her butt. It looks totally unnatural on her.

9 David Beckham

Unlike Brad Pitt and George Clooney, David Beckham hasn’t aged like a fine wine. Over the years, his rugged good looks faded, and he has been left as a butterface. His skin is weathered and wrinkled, and his hairline has receded over the years. Usually that doesn’t matter on men, but on him it exacerbates his diminutive chin and facial asymmetry. And his elfish cockney accent and inked up skin aren’t helping him at all. Plus, he’s run out of hairstyles to hide behind. His soccer career has been over for years, his looks have seen better days, and his marriage is on the rocks. Good thing he still has all his millions of dollars to keep him warm at night.

8 Blake Lively


Blake Lively looks like the girl next door – which is exactly why she made this list. She’s pretty, but not beautiful. She has a nice body, but isn’t molded like a goddess. And she has a prominent beauty mark, but she’s no Cindy Crawford. Just because she’s been in some hit movies and is married to a Hollywood A-Lister, people think that her looks are unparalleled. But if they ignore her dazzling gowns and her provocative poses, they’d find that she isn’t all that special. The best thing we can say about her is that her teeth are really pearly – but anyone can achieve that look with $20 and a box of Crest White Strips.

Another problem with Lively is that her looks never change. She’s been sporting the same side-swept hairdo since her days on Gossip Girl and dons haute couture every chance she gets. She relies too heavily on “accessorizing” which is meant to distract from her ordinary looks.

7 Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn looks like a slightly better looking version of Minnie Driver. Is that meant to be an insult? You betcha! Her wide face and toothy grin makes people wince. And her body is masculine looking. She has broad shoulders, a thick waist, and unfeminine muscles. Munn looks like she’d be better suited on the football field than the runway. She’s been linked to Aaron Rodgers since 2014, which some fans think confirm the rumors that he prefers men.

Munn has the type of looks that can’t be fixed with makeup. No amount of contouring will thin out her face, no zero calorie diet will change her big bones, and no camera angle can capture her “good side.” But we’ve got to hand it to the girl, she’s had a lot of success for someone that is average-looking at best.

6 Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt just seems beautiful because of her chic accent. In terms of looks, she is lukewarm. Her oval face is a little too long, and it gives her a decidedly downtrodden appearance. She also has a serious case of liver lips, which she exacerbates by wearing neutral-colored lipstick. Add to that her high forehead, and fans start to notice that she isn’t all she’s made out to be. It’s really as if she doesn’t even try to make much of an effort to be glamorous. Her hair is rarely combed and she dresses like Hollywood’s version of a Mormon. Everyone applauded John Krasinski for landing such a gorgeous woman, but if you ask us, they’re made for each other. She’s almost as off-beat looking as he is.

5 Amber Heard

Amber Heard became world famous when she married long-time single guy Johnny Depp, and she became uber-famous once their marriage hit the skids and she allegedly accused Depp of domestic abuse. Heard walked away from the whole thing smelling like roses. She is still getting a lot of press, any many people are discovering her for the first time. Heard is a lovely girl, but her looks aren’t remarkable in the least. In fact, she’s a little bit of a plain Jane. When she isn’t dolled up for the camera, it’s quite evident that she has mousy dirty blonde hair, ill-defined facial features and front teeth that are just a little too long (even horse-like). Her height can’t save her, because she seems gangly – as if she still hasn’t adjusted to a quick growth spurt. Depp always had luck with petite girls like Winona Ryder, Jennifer Grey and Vanessa Paradis, so his choice in Heard left many wondering why he broke type.

4 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s looks are highly overrated. Just because she’s been with a lot of men, doesn’t mean that she’s a flawless beauty. In fact, she’s rather funny looking. Her eyes are too small for her face, and are slanted at an odd angle. Her cheekbones are too high, which gives her face a slightly squared-off shape. And her lower lip is fuller than her upper one, which is distracting.

Even her body doesn’t do her any favors, because it’s rather boy-ish. We think she agrees, since she (allegedly) got her breasts enhanced. We bet that won’t be the last plastic surgery procedure she undergoes. She’ll probably opt for a brow lift and butt implants by this time next year. Perhaps the most unattractive thing about her, though, is her personality. She was once lauded for being a sweet young thing in the country music business. Now, she’s morphed into a superstar with an ego to match, a love ‘em and leave ‘em attitude, and a queen bee mentality.

3 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is a has-been. The only reason we still hear about her is because she keeps herself in the news with her business, The Honest Company (which isn’t very honest at all, per recent reports). It’s been so long since she’s had a successful movie career that the public has forgotten that her looks are generic – and highly photoshopped. After having two kids, she doesn’t have the thin, hard body she did in her 20s. As for her face, she kind of blends in. It’s hard to tell her apart from Minka Kelly and Ariana Grande. All girls have made the same mistake of being monochromatic looking. Their skin tone, eye shade and hair color are essentially all in the same color family, so it’s hard to tell where one feature ends and one begins.

2 Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow was not beautiful in the 90s, and she is still far from it nowadays. When she was in her twenties, she at least had the glow of youth and a little spunk. But now that it has worn off, all of her worst features are exacerbated. She’s still thin, but she has the “mom weight” which is exaggerated by her thin bone structure. She’s still blonde, but her lovely locks are overshadowed by the face they frame. Over the years, her face seems to have gotten wider. So her forehead is all the more prominent, as are the apples of her cheeks. Paltrow tries her best to hide behind a ton of makeup which covers tired, wrinkly eyes and her natural freckles, but astute fans will never be fooled.

1 Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke is the girl of the moment right now, thanks to her TV work on Game of Thrones and film work in Me Before You. She possesses something rare in show business – people know her name before they know her face. And maybe that’s just as well, because she doesn’t live up to all the hype surrounding her. To be perfectly honest, she looks like a slightly better looking Olsen twin, who are themselves compared to looking like monchichis. At 5’2”, she is short by Hollywood standards. Her shortness is exacerbated by her heart-shaped head and round breasts. Facially, her eyes are a little too big and her lips are a little too plump. She’s really an acquired taste.

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