Not Hot: 15 Celebs Who Aren't As Hot As Everybody Says

We live in an age when beauty is king. It seems like everywhere we turn, we are bombarded with hot girls hocking hamburgers on TV, suave men walking the red carpet in tailored suits, and sexy ladies belting out tunes on stage. Even the people in "reality" shows are gorgeous. And don’t forget all those Instagram models. There’s always a new face to fall in love with, and a new body to covet. But if we look around, we wonder where all these shiny people are coming from. We certainly don’t see them at work, and they are definitely not among the unwashed masses at Wal-Mart. Do all the beautiful people stay at home until they move to Hollywood and hit it big? Doubtful. There is something more sinister going on. The fact is that most celebrities looks are overrated. We are just being brainwashed by their media machines into thinking they are better looking than they really are. If we look closely, we realize that Jennifer Aniston is an average looking girl, and Ryan Reynolds is just a guy in a suit. That’s all right, but when things get infuriating is when the same stars are being lauded again and again for their transcendent beauty. Is anyone really that attractive? Nope. Not even with designer clothes, plastic surgery and airbrushing.

This list is dedicated to 15 of the brightest stars whose looks are overrated. It’s about time they get called out.


15 Cara Delevingne

This model-turned-actress is hot stuff right now. But her stardom will probably cool down soon enough, because the fact is that this Brit isn’t all that and a bag of fish and chips. Delevingne gets a lot of hype for her tattoos and bisexuality, but looks-wise the only card she has to play is the whole heroin-chic style. The 90s might be back in terms of fashion, but no one is that attracted to a girl with sunken eyes that eternally have a disinterested stare. Kate Moss already did that look, is still doing it, and doing it better.

14 Cameron Diaz


Superstar Cameron Diaz is unique looking…and not in a good way. It’s amazing that she found fame – and even more amazing that she’s managed to keep it. Her face isn’t long enough and her lips are too wide. Diaz also has a boyish physique. She has long, lanky limbs and is not blessed in the chest. Men pant over her, but women continually question what the big deal is all about. Perhaps a face with “character” is quite the turn-on. She must be doing something right, because she’s dated a bevy of A-listers.

13 Beyonce

There was a time when Beyonce made men’s hearts skip a beat. She once had exotic features, with her big eyes and curvy figure. Now, she’s starting to show her age. Take a close look at her dancing and notice her wide waist and thunder thighs. Her looks were once center stage, but now she just puts on an optical illusion and hides behind elaborate weaves and costumes. Her sister Solange, is now the pretty one. Still, it’s hoped that her daughter Blue Ivy takes after Beyonce since a child that is the spitting image of Jay-Z would just be cruel. No plastic surgeon could fix that.

12 Kaley Cuoco


Kaley Cuoco might be one of the highest paid actors on TV with her role on The Big Bang Theory, but she isn’t exactly eye candy. Look closely and you’ll see that she just looks good in comparison to all the nerds on the show. She can’t even be called a “butterface” because her body is so awkward. Her arms, legs and torso don’t seem to match up correctly, giving her a decidedly Frankenstein-esque look. It’s no wonder they dress her up in suits on all those Priceline commercials.

11 Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum has some good dance moves…and that’s about it. His face isn’t anything special, and his neck is too thick for his body. As for his muscles, he looks like he’d fit in more as a juiced-up gorilla on The Jersey Shore than on the red carpet. Tatum’s persona doesn’t really add anything to his looks, either. He has none of the suaveness that George Clooney has, and isn’t the reformed bad-boy that’s worked for so well for Tom Hardy. Tatum hasn’t found the right niche in Hollywood. He was upstaged by Joe Manganiello in the Magic Mike franchise in terms of sex appeal, and was also upstaged in the laughs department by Jonah Hill in the Jump Street movies. It’s no wonder he hasn’t been cast in any big budget action movies – he doesn’t have the looks or the adventurous nature.

10 Kate Upton


The world is finally getting over Kate Upton – and for good reason. Her looks are overrated. She represents a different sort of beauty – one that doesn’t have to be stick thin or B-cupped or have a chiseled face. But lots of ladies these days are pretty in their own way: Kim Kardashian is a dark and exotic beauty; Charlize Theron is still rockin’ it as a forty-something; Jessica Chastain is a red-hot redhead. The biggest thing Upton had going for her was her bust, but even that is getting old. Frankly, it just looks like all her extra weight was pushed up into her chest by a corset.

9 Adam Levine

Singer Adam Levine was once named People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive.” This left a lot of people vomiting in disbelief. He may have a beautiful voice – but this is one guy that belongs on the radio only. He is a pale and pasty, and he’s too thin in the face. He further assaults the eyes with his attached earlobes. Levine would do the world a favor if he would only appear on camera with a paper bag over his head. How he got a Victoria’s Secret model to marry him is a feat in itself.


8 Jennifer Lawrence


Yes, Jennifer Lawrence made this list! Lawrence is a very pretty girl – but not as beautiful as she's made out to be. She is girl-next-door pretty, and that counts for a lot. Few women can claim that. It’s just that Lawrence isn’t the “perfect ten” that she’s been made out to be. No matter how many movies she makes with Bradley Cooper, no matter how many installments of The Hunger Games she stars in, no matter how many cutesy appearances she makes on late night talk, she will always pale in comparison to true beauties like Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren.

7 Gisele Bundchen

On paper, Gisele Bundchen sounds like the most attractive woman on Earth. She is tall and thin, with blonde hair and light eyes. She models for Victoria’s Secret. She is married to star athlete, Tom Brady. But get a good look at Bundchen and she’s rather average – even manly – in the face. Her facial features are plain - except for her outsized nose. And it doesn’t get better from there. Her neck is too prominent and her torso is too long. And she definitely isn’t a Brazilian bombshell – she’s not even that Brazilian, as a matter of fact, as she has a lot of German in her.

6 Chrissy Teigen


Chrissy Teigen has become a media darling. First she rocketed to fame as a model, then got more publicity after marrying John Legend, and the cherry on top was when she had a baby. But fame and looks don’t correlate. Teigen is downright strange looking when it comes down to it. She has a big head with chipmunk cheeks and a forehead that is too long – all of which is at odds with her lanky limbs. In the face, she resembles Khloe Kardashian who is universally agreed upon as being the least attractive of all the Kardashians.

5 Carrie Underwood

Country singer Carrie Underwood is often hailed as the most beautiful country cutie. But look at who her competition is: short and stubby Miranda Lambert, blow-up doll Dolly Parton and awkward Faith Hill. Underwood’s looks are over-blown, just because she is hot in comparison. Likely Tony Romo got wind of this realization and that’s why he dumped her. Her over-rated looks feel like a put-on from the media who just want to play an angle. And Underwood may be the worst of all the so-so beauties because she’s a butterface – just look at that protruding jaw.

4 Nicky Minaj


It’s a fact that Nicki Minaj has a big booty. But that’s about all she has going her in terms of her physical appearance – and she knows it. Why else would she try to be the black Lady Gaga and hide behind bizarre wigs, makeup and costumes? A natural beauty she is not. And perhaps what makes her the most unattractive is her attitude. Her glaring eyes are legendary – she can stare daggers. But the overall effect makes her look like she has permanent resting witch face. Nothing is uglier than a negative personality.

3 Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes’s career is at a standstill after years of success, first on Dawson’s Creek and then as Mrs. Tom Cruise. The general public can finally breathe a sigh of relief at not having to look at this oddball. Her crooked smile is distracting – no one can tell if she’s trying to look sultry or if she is suffering from facial paralysis. As for the rest of her – meh. She’s tall and kind of thin – BFD. That describes most actresses in Hollywood. The ex-Mrs. Cruise isn’t anything special. She looks like any other soccer mom out there with her dazed and confused eyes, and unbrushed hair.

2 Ryan Gosling


It’s time to let the cat out of the bag: Ryan Gosling is below average looking. To quote Homer Simpson, “He is handsome – in an ugly sort of way!” It’s not that he has one feature that’s a deal breaker, like Eric Bana’s cauliflower ears or Tom Cruise’s misaligned teeth. With Gosling, his problem is really that he has a bunch of physical features that when put together add up to a hot mess. The biggest problem is his head. It’s either too big for his body or his body is too small for his head. Also, his eyes are too close together, his forehead is too long and his chin is too pointy. No one understands why women swoon for him, and it’s even more head-scratching to figure out what beauties like Sandra Bullock and Eva Mendes saw in him. Maybe he has a good personality.

1 Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is attractive. But is she an exquisite beauty that puts all others to shame? No. She rose to fame because her father is famous, she got a lot of press for being wacko, and she stole Jennifer Aniston from Brad Pitt. It makes for good tabloid fodder to trump her up as one of the most beautiful women of all time. But in reality she is no classic beauty like Grace Kelly, nor is she a dark seductress like Raquel Welch, and no one will ever paint her likeness on an air force bomber like Betty Grable. Jolie is a pretty face in a sea of pretty faces. The only thing that sets her apart are her over-plumped lips, which are so passe. And has anyone taken a good look at her lately? Her face is gaunt and her arms are scrawny. Perhaps that is what adopting a bazillion kids will do to a person.

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