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Nicholas Hoult to be Seen Nude on Screen?

Nicholas Hoult to be Seen Nude on Screen?

Five juicy details about Nicholas Hoult.

Nicholas Hoult 1

. He has made a mark for himself on television and on movies as an actor. His popularity lies in the fact that he is a bit of a good looking man and also quite adept when it comes to dialogue delivery on screen. His charming off-screen persona has also succeeded in him developing a fan base around the world.

Here are five things you may not know about him!

  • Nicholas first came to fame when he starred with the actor Hugh Grant in the movie “About a Boy”. The movie released in 2002. It is one of the most touching films ever. Nicholas is all GAGA when it comes to talking about the British actor Hugh Grant. He says that Grant was extremely helpful and gave him all the tips to get him to where he is today. He indeed owes a lot to Grant.

Nicholas Hoult 2

  • Nicholas got an eye candy for himself in the form of Jennifer Lawrence. The actress recently won an Oscar for her performance in the movie Silver Lining Playbook. It sure seems that Nick knows how to pick the people he works with and dates. For Nicholas, being in a relationship with Jennifer Lawrence, proved to be successful for him as well. The talented actress must have had many words of wisdom for Nick which he made good use of in his career. Indeed he and Jennifer was quite an item – they looked terribly good together.
  • Fans of Nicholas are in for a great deal of excitement. In a recent interview with OK Magazine, Nick said that he was open to doing a nude scene in a movie. He justified his reason for doing so stating that getting out of the shower has to be done naked. Hence it’s a normal thing. He would not mind doing this for a movie as well. Nick’s fans can thus feel happy at the prospect of seeing their hero without his clothes on in a movie someday. This is a day that we are all waiting for quite eagerly, given Nick’s hot body!
  • Nicholas recently admitted that he does not get recognized much when he goes out in the public. He says that he looks very different in real life than what he does on screen. Without his makeup it’s impossible for people to tell who he is. Nick of course enjoys the privacy which he gets away from the camera. He is a shy guy who likes to spend time with himself and his family. Hence he does not regret not being seen and recognized off screen as much as most other celebs do.

Nicholas Hoult 3

  • Nick also admitted that he doesn’t consider himself to be a hunk, a declaration that is quite modest. Nick has a great body and a lovely face. He is one of the hunkiest men in Hollywood lately. Girls could die to get close to him. Leading actresses have made several attempts to date him. The actor however denies all of this, saying that he has a very lean and lanky body, and that good looking or hunky is something he would never describe himself as.

Thus Nick is quite an interesting individual and has a nice persona off screen which contributes to his overall popularity in Hollywood and elsewhere. Nick’s modesty has had a large role to play in him getting the number of fans which he does have to this day. We now just sit back and wait for that nude scene of his to appear before us on screen. Indeed this is a piece of news that has got his lady fans so excited that they seem to be sending him regular posts on his twitter account asking him if this is happening anytime soon.

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