Nerdy To Hottie: 14 Celebs That Give Us All Hope

Most of us have gone through an awkward stage (or two) in life. Remember in middle school when you didn’t quite know what to do with your hair, you had braces, and you tried virtually every remedy on the market to clear up your skin? Or maybe your awkward phase was in high school, which you were a self-proclaimed nerd, wore extremely thick glasses and didn’t exactly care enough about fashion to follow trends. Or maybe you did follow fashion trends, and now you regret the error of your ways.

Whether you perpetuated your own “ugly duckling” phase of life or you were just a victim of the cruel reality that is puberty, you know what it means to look less than your best. Fortunately, there are some famous people who inspire us when it comes to getting out of the awkward phase successfully. These celebs used to be pretty nerdy, and made some unattractive fashion and beauty choices in the past. However, they have blossomed significantly, and are now considered pretty sexy. Need some more reminders that the awkward stage doesn’t have to last forever? Here are 14 celebs who went from nerdy to hottie, and gave us all hope during the transition.

14 Alyssa Milano

When the gorgeous Alyssa Milano got her start in acting, she was traveling with the play Annie. She then went on to earn her most popular role—Samantha on the sitcom Who’s The Boss? Milano played the daughter of Tony Danza, and in the first few seasons of the show, she was a tomboy who didn’t care much about her looks. Her thick, curly hair wasn’t overly styled, she was in need of braces, and she could have used an eyebrow wax or two. However, as time progressed, Alyssa grew into the heartthrob we all know and love. She is proof that puberty isn’t the worst thing ever for everyone, since she was still pretty cute during her awkward phase. Alyssa Milano is also known for her role on the hit show Charmed, and has recently spoken out about the benefits of breastfeeding for child health, which has caused a little controversy, but she doesn’t seem to care.

13 Michael Angarano

12 Jennifer Love Hewitt

These days, Jennifer Love Hewitt is considered one of the hottest actresses in the business. Even though she gets some criticism for being curvier than many celebs, she is also celebrated for her body (particularly her hips and breasts). Back in the day, Hewitt was a cast member on Kids Incorporated, and was known as “Love Hewitt.” It didn’t seem to matter to Jennifer that she had big hair, over-sized clothing and huge teeth. After all, it was the late 80s/early 90s, and she was just a little kid back then. Her talent and personality helped to move her career forward, and now she’s got a host of impressive movies and TV shows under her belt, including Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit, Ghost Whisperer and The Client List.

11 Paul Butcher

10 Josh Peck

9 Eric Lloyd

8 Alex D. Linz

7 Madeline Zima

6 Jessica Alba

5 Dylan and Cole Sprouse

4 Anna Paquin

3 Danielle Fishel

2 Justin Timberlake

1 Joseph Gordon Levitt

Remember when Joseph Gordon Levitt, or JGL as he is known by his fans, was the lanky little boy on the hit show Third Rock From The Sun? Levitt was definitely going through his awkward phase during his time on the show, and has the questionable fashion choices and hairstyles to prove it. Joseph also came across as pretty nerdy, and his fans seemed to appreciate that. He took some time away from Hollywood to go to college, but returned to the spotlight in movies like The Dark Knight Rises and Inception. These days, JGL is pretty hot, and has developed his own sense of hipster style. His fans also love seeing Levitt in a suit, and we can certainly see why. He’s gone from awkward teen to sophisticated gentleman pretty seamlessly.


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Nerdy To Hottie: 14 Celebs That Give Us All Hope