Most Killable: 16 Actors Who Die On Screen Constantly

We've all had that moment when a character dies and we think to ourselves, wait a minute… Why is that, no matter who this actor plays, the character dies? What is it about an actor that makes them so killable? Everyone can name off a few actors off the top of their heads that seem to die in every movie they're in. Some of them are killed because they're lovable-looking actors, getting roles meant to inspire audiences to invest their love and affection into them only to be crushed when they're killed off before the end. Some of the actors are merely casualties of their genres, mainly appearing in horror or action films where the on-screen body counts pile up. Some of the actors on the list are surprising to us, if only because of their massive star power. We don't expect to see household names get killed off so frequently, but, yet, these ones do. Together, these folks are the most killable actors in Hollywood.

There are really two indicators we can use to gauge who the most killable are: most deaths on film and TV, and the highest number of deaths per movie/TV appearance. It makes sense that an actor who has been in 500 movies would have more on-screen deaths than someone that has acted in only 50, but it would be a shame to exclude the ones who have actually died the most on camera just because of their high number of appearances. This list will include all character deaths that were confirmed within the movie. Any ambiguous or controversial deaths have been excluded. For better accuracy in the ratios, the list has also excluded voice roles and movie shorts. This should give us a fairly accurate representation of the actor's primary work. Come to think of it, this list is pretty self-explanatory. If they died, we count it. If we missed it, let us know. Let’s see who Hollywood sees as the most killable actors in Hollywood ever; here are the top 15.

16 Liam Neeson

15 Robert De Niro

14 Nicolas Cage

13 Samuel L Jackson

12 Bruce Willis

11 Sean Bean


10 Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa


9 Vincent Price


8 Bela Lugosi


7 Gary Oldman

6 Bill Paxton

5 Christopher Lee

4 Lance Henriksen


3 Leonardo DiCaprio

2 Mickey Rourke

1 John Hurt


John Hurt takes the top prize for most deaths on film and TV with an incredible 43 deaths. While his ratio of 26% is not the highest on the list, his lengthy career and undoubtable skill for dying is unmatched by any others. No one is really even near his number except for some of the late horror icons who are, unfortunately, unable to add to their numbers. This means that Hurt should be able to increase his lead on those behind him. His most memorable deaths no doubt occur in Alien, the famous chest-bursting scene, and Spaceballs, the less famous chest-bursting scene. Hurt may not be the most well-known actor in the world, but, when it comes to dying in film and TV, there is no one better practiced than this walking legend.

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Most Killable: 16 Actors Who Die On Screen Constantly