Most Haunted Places in the World

There are certain haunted places in the world where you can feel restless spirits that keep on lingering. These places bring out the fear in everyone as shadows, apparitions, eerie voices, linge









There are certain haunted places in the world where you can feel restless spirits that keep on lingering. These places bring out the fear in everyone as shadows, apparitions, eerie voices, lingering scents and moving things are signs that there are spirits who still share the same space in these places. These are the top 10 most haunted places on earth—places that have earned their reputation as witnesses of the world’s most mysterious events.




11 Berry Pomeroy Castle, Totness

This centuries-old castle is famous for its tale of the Blue Lady and the White Lady. The Blue Lady freely roams and haunts the castle as she attracts people to go to certain sections of the ruin. Her spellbinding presence and her mystery has made the castle a hair-rising place, you should not try following the Blue Lady! The White Lady is believed to be the spirit of Margaret Pomeroy. She died due to starvation when she was held captive by her sister. She died in the dungeons of the castle and tales tell that her presence can still be felt in the dungeons.




10 Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic

The highlight of this haunted place is the fact that it houses the dead bodies of 40,000 to 70,000 people. The Sedlec Ossuary is a Roman Catholic Chapel that has been a tourist attraction as well because of its creative arrangements of bones and skeletons. The place attracts more than 200,000 tourists every year. Another interesting and horrifying fact about this place is that you can find it underneath Sedlec’s Cemetery Church of All Saints. One cannot just imagine how this place can make your entire hair rise in creepiness.




9 Catacombs, Paris, France

If you think Paris is just all about romance and fashion, you have not seen the Paris Catacombs. It has become a controversial place because of tourists’ tales and accounts of their experiences while passing along the empty passageways. History reveals that there were remains that were secretly deposited along the walls of the underground passageways to open the city to accommodate more residents. Photos with orbs and apparitions, odd feelings and sensations—these are just some of the accounted incidents by people who have visited the place.




8 Borley Rectory, UK

The Borley Rectory has a mysterious love story behind its walls. A monastery used to be in its place, where a ghost of a nun is believed to have been lingering in the area. She died for her love for a Borley monastery monk. They tried to elope but they were punished—the monk was put to death while the nun was imprisoned. Borley Rectory is also named as the most haunted house in England.


7 Salem, Massachusetts, USA

Any horror enthusiast would know what Salem means when you talk about haunted places. With its mysterious history—the town being the witness of the tragedy of the witch trials, Salem has truly earned its haunted reputation and the horror and mystery continues to linger in this place. 19 alleged witches were killed, dating way back 400 years ago. It has a Witch Museum that talks about the story of the tragedy. Its creepy history will never cease bringing in horror and creepy mystery to the place.




6 Monte Cristo, New South Wales, Australia

The tales that surround the Monte Cristo mansion are deadly and terrifying. Bodiless apparitions, phantom faces, ghostly voices, switching on and off of lights—the things you see in Hollywood horror films can be experienced in this mansion. Rumors on possible death inside the mansion have also caused a greater haunting experience. They say that once you step in the boys’ bedroom, you can lose your breath and die. The owner of the mansion, Mrs. Crawley, is believed to be the ghost who causes fear in the mansion. Whoever the culprit is, make sure that you stay safe or probably just stay away from the Monte Cristo mansion!




5 Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Aokigahara’s English translation is Sea of Trees, but it is touted to be a Suicide Central as it holds the record of being the suicide site of average of 30 suicide incidents every year. In 2002, there were 78 bodies that were discovered in the forest, thus, it has gained its spot as the third most famous suicide site in the world.

Rumors also have it that the forest is a dwelling place of beasts, goblins, monsters, and ghosts. Apart from these terrifying creatures and suicide incidents, the forest is also believed to be a site for paranormal activities. Make sure you do not walk along the paths or get lost in the Sea of Trees!




4 Bhangarh Fort, India

A palace that holds various tales of death and loss, Bhangarh Fort is believed to be a cursed palace. It is believed that everyone who stays in it are bound to die and their souls will be trapped within its walls. These souls cannot be freed as they will be trapped for centuries. Warning to tourists has also been raised: Do not stay in the place after the sun sets, as you might not be able to get out of the palace safe and alive. Just imagine getting trapped in an old, mysterious palace where the only companions you got are lost, trapped souls.




3 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


For most tourists, New Orleans is perceived to be an attractive, vibrant town for vacation. Wait until you see its other part. New Orleans is home to Marie Laveau, the Queen of Voodoo. It also has voodoo shops, museums, cemetery, ghost tours, and it is rich in legends about demons and vampires. Louisiana is always an ideal setting in horror novels because of its deep, mysterious history.




1 Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp, Oswiecim, Poland

This concentration camp operated for five years and witnessed countless number of deaths—figures say it is more than 2 million, but can you really count the number of death during that time?

Visitors reported feelings of melancholy and foreboding, terror, fright, and horror. Given the history of this place, no wonder the place continues to evoke the dark and miserable history of the camp.

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Most Haunted Places in the World