10 Extremely Awkward Celebrity Interviews

Most of the time a celebrity does an interview and it goes off without a hitch. In the world of celebrities, doing an interview to promote a new television show or theatrical release is commonplace. Unfortunately, these interviews don't always run so smoothly and the interview takes a turn for the worst. This can be due to the fact the celebrity feels they're being backed into a corner by the interviewer, a question came up they explicitly didn't want to answer, they're bored by the questions, or in some cases the celebrity just wants to have a little harmless fun. Whatever the reason, these "interviews gone wrong" might provide more entertainment than if they had gone well!


10 Tom Cruise - Oprah, Matt Lauer, Balls of Steel

It would be difficult to put together a list of celebrities behaving strangely during interviews without mentioning Tom Cruise. Almost everyone remembers when Cruise appeared on Oprah and in a fit of joy persisted to frantically jump up and down on her furniture. At the time Cruise was excited due to the fact he announced his love for his now ex-wife Katie Holmes so we can give him a by on that one. Cruise's weird behavior during interviews didn't end with the stint on Oprah however. Fueled by Scientology, Cruise did a very awkward interview with Matt Lauer where he dismissed psychiatry, called Lauer "glib", and tried to quiz Lauer on the history of psychiatric drugs.

Later, at a premier for his movie War of the Worlds, Cruise would fall victim to a "squirting microphone" gag perpetrated by the UK comedy show Balls of Steel and would fail to see the humor. The result led to some pretty awkward footage during the faux-interview. Reportedly, the prankster was arrested but Cruise decided not to press charges.

9 Stephen "Steve-O" Glover - Too Late with Adam Carolla


One would almost have to be ready for a cast member of the crude MTV stunt show Jackass to do something bizarre during an interview but Adam Corolla couldn't have been prepared for what happened when Steve-O appeared on his short-lived talk-show Too Late with Adam Carolla. 

Steve-O showed up to the show belligerent and began spitting all over the stage and swearing profusely. He tried to tackle Carolla and as a grand finale put his leg through a glass table, cutting his leg rather badly. The following day Steve-O claimed to have no recollection of his behavior on the show and said that he couldn't be more proud of himself.

Fortunately, the cast of Jackass would later have an intervention for their friend and Steve-O's days of smashing tables came to an end. He is going on his sixth year of sobriety. Be prepared for some foul language if you watch the video.

8 Courtney Love - The Late Show with David Letterman

With the death of Kurt Cobain being re-examined and Nirvana being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame it seems fitting to bring up Courtney Love. Saying Courtney Love has had a few strange interviews in her past is an understatement. You can almost guarantee she's going to bring the weird if cameras are rolling.

When she comes out on stage it's almost as if she's channeling Drew Barrymore's (see: #4) strange appearance on Letterman some years earlier as she gets on Dave's desk, dances, and flashes her breasts (over and over again throughout the interview). Shortly after she puts a high-heel shoe next to Dave and says, "This is the shoe I would have worn if I wasn't in trouble."

One can only assume "trouble" was code for "drunk".

7 Quentin Tarantino - Krishnan Guru-Murthy


When Quentin Tarantino began his interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy things started fine. While doing interviews for his most recent film, Django Unchained, Tarantino must have had enough of hearing the same questions over and over again.

At the beginning of the interview Guru-Murthy mentions rape in the film and Quentin politely moves past the fact Guru-Murthy hadn't seen the film and quickly mentions that there wasn't any rape in the movie and moves on. By the half-way mark Guru-Murthy asks Tarantino about violence in his films which sets Tarantino off, making it clear he's tired of the question and stating he's been asked that question for twenty years and you can simply "Google how he feels on the subject". Quentin goes on to say he's trying to plug his movie and isn't going to discuss film violence. The end result is Guru-Murthy trying to explain his job as an interviewer for the last half of the interview.

6 Gary Busey - 11-year old child reporter for Starz Life

Ever since he was critically injured in a motorcycle accident Gary Busey just hasn't been the same. While Busey is well known for his "colorful" interviews, his interview with Starz Life stands out because the person asking the questions was an 11-year old girl.

The poor girl asked her question perfectly well at an adequate volume but Busey insisted he couldn't hear her and then went on to say he didn't even understand the question. When he finally answered the question he went on a nonsensical rant about Paris Hilton being a liar.

The girl closes the interview asking Busey to give a shout out to Starz Life. Busey told the girl that "shout outs are stupid" and got angry enough over it to move the camera from his face.

5 Rob "Vanilla Ice" Van Winkle - 12 Angry Viewers


Once upon a time when MTV lived up to its name as Music Television they aired a program where a panel of comedians retired music videos from the channel's rotation once they were no longer popular and people realized how bad some of them were. Occasionally the artist would come on to see their video off.

Before he had his own home improvement show on the DIY Network, Rob Van Winkle (Vanilla Ice) was a rapper know for his hit single "Ice Ice Baby". When he came on the program to retire his video, the panel of comedians thought it would be funny to have Rob smash a copy of the video with a baseball bat. Bad idea. Ice went on to use the baseball on the whole set of the show.

4 Drew Barrymore - The Late Show with David Letterman

David Letterman is no stranger to bizarre guests coming on his show. When Drew Barrymore appeared  on the Late Show in 1995 she was a much younger and less accomplished Drew than the woman we're familiar with today. At first she was giggly and excitable, tripping over her words as she talked about her birthday. About half-way through the interview things took a turn for the strange when Drew began dancing on Dave's desk, eventually pulling up her shirt and showing him her breasts.


3 Danny Devito - The women of The View


Almost as soon as Devito walked on stage he admitted to being drunk the night before from having too many Lemoncello's with actor George Clooney. The ladies of The View decided to have fun with it and took everything in good humor. Eventually things begin to unwind as Devito rants about former President of the United States, George W. Bush. He also regales viewers with a little too much information after he admits he and his wife Rhea Perlman "had sex all over the Lincoln bedroom" when visiting the White House.

2 America Ferrera and Blake Lively - Good Day LA

The interview begins on the wrong foot with a misunderstanding and from there only seems to get more uncomfortable, for everyone. Apparently America Ferrera isn't a fan of CW's Gossip Girl. When Ferrera and Lively appeared on Good Day LA to promote their sequel to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Lively was eventually asked about the next season of Gossip Girl. As Blake goes on about how shocking the new plot lines are, Ferrera very visibly rolls her eyes and starts to snicker. While this isn't the strangest thing on the list it may be the first time one celebrity laughed at another's work while sitting right next to each other.

According to Lively she holds no ill will towards her former co-star.

1 Crispin Glover - The Late Show with David Letterman


Crispin Glover was trolling before it was cool. Glover is a phenomenally talented actor with an impressive resume but most probably know him as "that guy from that other movie!" In 1987 Glover showed up to Letterman's show as his Mr. Far character. Unfortunately Letterman wasn't in on the joke and walked out during his own show after "Mr. Far" began kicking at Dave's face in platform shoes. From start to finish the interview is cringe-worthy if you're not in on the joke. You think you're actually watching a guy have a melt-down.

Eventually Letterman was able to get over it and has had Glover back on the show. His visits after his infamous 1987 interview have, luckily for Dave, been out of character.

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