Michele Obama Dancing to “Cat Daddy”

Michele Obama was recently learning something called the “Cat Daddy Dance”. The dance was held as a part of the Dr. OZ Show, which is one of the most popular shows on American television. It enjoys excellent TRP ratings throughout the year. The show is designed specifically for children and is aimed at providing them with educational goals and tips and entertainment to keep them motivated in the pursuit of their educational goals. Indeed, this is a show that is of great value to one and all.

Michele Obama was selected for this show because of her amazing skills around children. The organizers felt that she would be a huge hit among kids, and that, her dancing skills would really be put to the test at this show. Michele was all ready for a challenge. She was more than happy to oblige the organizers of the show. It hardly seems surprising that she agreed to do this in the first place, given that she has been a part of many such ventures before as well.

There were a number of dance movies that Michele got to learn as a part of being on the show. “Go Shopping” was one of these dances which she appears to have enjoyed the most. This can be gauged from the facial expression that she put on while she was dancing to this song. It was one of the first songs that the kids made her dance to. The track was entertaining too. Even the studio audience watching the show was hooked on to it while the song was being played.

Another one of the dance movies which Michele got to learn in the Dr OZ Show was “Reel It In”. This was a fun pose. It went down very well with both the kids and the audience. It was a technical dance, but Michele seems to have enjoyed it while she carried it out. She caught on the steps after watching the first few movements. It was definitely a dance that is going to inspire hundreds of kids all over America.

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Michele Obama Dancing to “Cat Daddy”