Michael Jordan Baseball

At 31 years old Michael Jordan chose to pick up a bat and play with professionals.  Becoming a professional baseball player was a shock, especially since he had such a successful career as a basketball player. Even more shocking to the world was the fact that he was good at baseball! it was as though both sports came naturally to him, even playing

He played professional baseball for one year and played quite successfully, on record, he put he put up a .202/.289/.266 line over 497 plate appearances at AA. He hit three homers, stole 30 bases (but was thrown out 18 times).

His walk rate was also impressive, the fact that MJ just picked up the bat contrary to those who have hone their craft for years. His batting average then was actually better than the Birmingham Barons’ average that year was just .248.

Indeed MJ’s achievement in the diamond was worth commemorating…

What he achieved as a professional baseball player for sure will never be duplicated.

MJ’ thoughts on baseball: “I’m a baseball guy. I know baseball. I view the world through the lens of baseball”.

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Michael Jordan Baseball