Megan Fox’s 15 Hottest Movie Moments

Ever since Stacey's mom had it going on, any mom that was attractive enough to induce sexual fantasies in young boys has become quite the popular subject. So much so that they've inspired many terms to characterize such a woman, but they all mean the same thing; basically, "she's a mom, she's hot, and I would have 'fun' with her". While this definition applies to any woman who has borne a child and still looks good enough to ‘fornicate’ with, there is a special class of 'hot momma' reserved for the Hollywood moms. These are the women that men dream about, and fake or not, they are stunning. One sexy mama in particular has made it on the list multiple times: Megan Fox. She was gorgeous before having kids, and is just as gorgeous after having kids.

Though her status as a hot mom is not our concern here, it leads us to our next point: Megan Fox has mastered the art of sex appeal. She’s one of those girls who could throw on a potato sac and make it look good (don’t try to argue, you know it’s true). She could turn any character into a sex symbol without even trying. Skeptic or believer, you’ll appreciate this list for illustrating just how easy it is for Megan Fox to turn a simple movie scene into a steamy one. Take a look at this collection of Megan Fox’s hottest movie moments and see for yourself.

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15 Burning Her Tongue

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Megan Fox has played many different types of roles, one of her most memorable being Jennifer, a high school cheerleader who becomes demonically possessed and who’s victims of choice are only male classmates. During her troubling ‘transformation’, Jennifer is seen putting a lighter to her tongue. Ordinarily, this would be quite the traumatizing (and disgusting) kind of scene. Except, we’re talking about Megan Fox. This image will make any fan question his or her sexual and mental sanity. She has such strong sex appeal that burning her tongue is actually hot. Good on you, Megan!

14 Sexy Schoolgirl

via thesuperficial.com

Many would say that the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie was a bit of a ‘hit or miss’ among fans, but its sequel still seems to be causing some anticipation. While these 4 “dudes” play to the child in all of us, there is also another aspect that TMNT has an edge over, a hot journalist known as April O’Neal, who is played by the lovely Megan Fox. Many snapshots of the film’s sequel have been circling the Internet, and among these photos is the one of Megan Fox dressed as a sexy schoolgirl. There are probably a lot of reasons to watch this movie, but if you happen to still be searching for one, Megan Fox as a schoolgirl should be one of them.

13 Lesbo Action

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If you don’t recognize this scene, it’s from the movie This is 40. While it probably could have done better in its ratings, there are still a number of scenes worth watching. Among these scenes is the one where Leslie Mann ‘admires’ Megan Fox’s youthful breasts (don’t get too excited, it’s totally innocent). Though she had a pretty minor role, almost all of her scenes in this movie are worth watching; if Megan Fox is your kind of gal, that is.

12 Bodacious Mechanic

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This is, hands down, one of Megan Fox’s sexiest scenes ever. Instantly recognizable, you’ll remember this scene from the first Transformers movie. We have a young Sam stumbling at the site of his high school crush, poor Bumble Bee with engine trouble, and in comes Mikaela in all of her beautiful glory to save the day. Aside from being put in a position to show off her hot bod, what else could a teen boy ask for than a sexy girl who knows cars?

11 More Lesbo Action

via jennifersbody.wikia.com

Megan Fox took a stab at the horror genre in the not so horrifying Jennifer’s Body. Actually, the only thing that was horrifying about this movie was how bad it was. Ignoring the movie’s quality, Megan Fox, once again, killed the hotness scale many times throughout the film. However, this is definitely her sexiest scene in the movie. There isn’t really much to explain; any scene that involves Megan Fox making out with Amanda Seyfried is one for the books.

10 Steaming Hot Steampunk

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One of Megan Fox’s many sexy movie moments includes her role as Lilah in Jonah Hex. There’s something terribly sexy about putting Megan Fox in a hot southern climate to play a gun-wielding, corset-wearing, prostitute who’s full of attitude. Did we mention she has a sassy southern accent to match? Granted, this is a minor detail next to her steamy wardrobe, but it seems to work for her nonetheless.

9 Naked and Displayed

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Here, we see Megan Fox in Passion Play baring it all in a glass display after bad guy Bill Murray has taken her hostage. Though this isn’t one of her most popular films (nor is it one of her better ones), Megan Fox being displayed naked is ample excuse to give it some attention (regardless of how weird it is that she has wings).

8 Wet Teeshirt

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Any Megan Fox fan will recognize this scene from How to Lose Friends and Alienate People where she decides to walk right into the pool while wearing her sexy low-cut dress. Of course, many of these fans would agree that the best part of this scene is actually when she walks out of the pool with the wet fabric clinging to her body. It’s great because it’s so simple, yet totally hot.

7 Party Stripper

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Any scene that shows Megan Fox removing clothing deserves a spot on this list (for obvious reasons). You’ll probably remember this pic from How to Lose Friends and Alienate People where Megan Fox plays a popular and daring young actress. To show off just how bold she is, she effortlessly strips down to her bra and panties to perform a dare. Ironic fun fact: her character’s hit movie is about becoming a Saint.

6 Sexy Sink Lean

via becks07seg.wordpress.com

As twisted as her role might have been in Jennifer’s Body, one thing we can’t deny is how absolutely hot her ‘demonic crazy girl’ act is. It doesn’t take much for Megan Fox to capture your attention, whether she’s sucking the life out of a young man’s neck or simply leaning over the sink checking herself out, you can be sure you’ll be staring.

5 Motorcycle Vixen

via ridingirls.altervista.org

Like in the first, Megan Fox’s part in the second Transformers movie easily makes the series one of her hottest movie roles. With that in mind, this scene makes it hard for anyone to rank her hottest movie moments (remember that time she checked Bumble Bee’s engine in Transformers 1?). She knows cars, she knows bikes, she’s bad a**, and she’s drop dead gorgeous. What else could a guy ask for?

4 Dictator's Mistress

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Megan Fox plays herself in The Dictator, and what an interesting self it is. Easily bought, Megan Fox trades some fun time in The Dictator’s bed for a ‘goody bag’. Obviously, this is not her true ‘self’, but her open-mindedness towards this kind of humor just makes her even hotter than she already is. Short and sweet, a cameo like this is all Megan Fox needs to add another hot movie moment to our list.

3 Girl Next Door

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While she wasn’t literally the ‘girl next door’, Megan Fox’s character in Friends with Kids is definitely a more laid back kind of role. Throughout the film, she plays a different kind of sexy, and it looks good on her. There’s something very real about this character and a natural kind of flirtiness to go with it. This park scene is a great example of how hot Megan Fox can be in a more realistic setting. The way she casually moves her hair to one side and smiles innocently, you just can’t help but wish you would bump into her walking her dog.

2 Sexy Schoolgirl - Blonde

via comingsoon.net

There are a lot of things a Ninja Turtles fan will be excited to see in the upcoming TMNT 2; the most popular are easily Bebop, and Rocksteady. Putting aside new character appearances, Megan Fox as a sexy blonde Britney Spears look-alike is most certainly something to look forward to. Who would’ve thought she would be such a hot blonde? Then again, we know she could make almost anything look good, so why not a blonde wig? The only thing left to figure out is which version of this sexy schoolgirl you prefer– the blonde, or the brunette?

1 Naked Illusion in Gold

via meganfox.blogspot.com

If you haven’t already seen Passion Play, spare yourself the time wasted. Everything you need to know (or should care to know) about the movie is in this list. Megan Fox has wings, she’s on display naked, and she wears this incredibly revealing gold dress. While having her own set of wings isn’t particularly sexy, we can agree that Megan Fox with wings is still Megan Fox– and Megan Fox showing off some cleavage is the reason this list was created.

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