Mariah Carey Perfume

Grammy award winner and American pop singer Mariah Carey has also tried her luck in the perfume industry with her debut fragrance “M” in 2007.

"M" was inspired by the multiple places she has been and captures her intricate style.

Simultaneously serving as an American Idol judge, working on improving her butterfly jewelry collection and tending to her twins and husband, these did not impede her from working hard on her fragrance collection.

Humbly calling herself a newbie and “perfumer in training,” the diva revealed she loves doing it as much as she does with music. For her, creating a scent is like creating a song. Being very particular with her scents up to the smallest details. She has noted every fragrance reflects her attitude and life experiences.

Her latest fragrance “Mariah Carey Dreams”  symbolizes her lifelong journey from childhood until her success in the industry and meeting the love of her life. The bottle was designed with the curves of a champagne flute, reflecting Mariah’s festive nature.

Of course, Mariah did not forget to incorporate her husband Nick Cannon in her collections. “Forever” was created when she and Nick fell in love with each other and realized that they were made for each other.

Her other past scent is “Floral Gourmand.” Has an unforgettable scent of salted caramel apple, honeysuckle and Madagascar Vanilla that induces intimate memories.

"Ultra Pink" embraces Mariah’s feminine side with a scent of cherry blossoms, wild berries dewy Tiare Petals and a creamy blend of Sun-Kissed woods.

Currently, fellow American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez is the highest earning celebrity in terms of perfume sales.

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Mariah Carey Perfume