Man Says Dog ate his Money and U.S. Treasury paid up

Wayne Klinkel, a man from Helena, Montana who picked up the bits and pieces of five $100 bills that were eaten by his one-eyed golden retriever received a $500 check this week from the U.S. Treasury Department.

Klinkel says the check is a replacement of the digested funds. He said his dog Sundance sniffed out the wad of bills out of the car cubby space and made the currency his lunch while waiting for Wayne Klinkel and his wife to return from lunch.

Klinkel who is a graphic designer for a local newspaper said his dog had left nothing uneaten but a small piece of a $100 note and one intact dollar bill. Additionally, he said that his dog has been quite notorious for eating paper and paper products; therefore, he knew what had happened right away.

Four days after the incident, Wayne Klinkel followed his dog around collecting his droppings in a plastic paper bag.

Klinkel said he kept the bag of droppings frozen in the snow outside his house and after a few weeks of hesitation, he decided to retrieve the cash by thawing the dog droppings in soapy water.

He successfully separated the $100 bill pieces from the rest of the substance using a hose and an old metal mining screen. After washing the tiny paper fragments, he began to assemble them which he says was like putting puzzle pieces back together. He mailed the mutilated bills with a letter explaining how the currency was damaged to the United States Department of Treasury – Mutilated Currency Division on April 15.

According to the Treasury department website, they offer reimbursement for proven cases of currency damage. However, a standard claim may take up to two years to be processed.

Klinkel didn’t hear a word from the Mutilated Currency Division until Monday when he received the $500 check in the mail as a replacement of Sundance’s lunch six months ago.

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