Madonna Faces $10.5 Million Lawsuit for Moral Damage

Madonna’s MDNA tour has always been controversial.

The members of multiple Russian activists groups filed a $10.5 million lawsuit against Madonna. The groups claimed that Madonna’s concert last August 9 in St. Petersburg caused "moral damage" to the residents, including “psychological stress and emotional shock.”

This, after Madonna made some remarks at the concert and promoted equality among the LGBT. She also handed out pink bracelets for the campaign. A group’s spokesperson said Madonna’s views at the concert “contradicts the Russian culture.”

Apart from the group, the People’s Assembly and the New Great Russia Party are also planning to sue the “Material Girl.”

If the lawsuit will be pursued and if they won, the Russian activists plan to donate the $10.5 million to charities.

Earlier this year, France’s National Front party also threatened to sue the $650 million worth pop singer after showing an image of their party leader Marine Le Pen with superimposed Nazi imagery.

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Madonna Faces $10.5 Million Lawsuit for Moral Damage