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Lizzie McGuire and Miranda Appear to be the Best Friends Forever!

Lizzie McGuire and Miranda Appear to be the Best Friends Forever!


Every girl has got to have a best friend. She can’t get through life without sharing the juiciest secrets with a special someone. A popular best friend pair on television is of course Lizzie McGuire and Miranda. The two had a lot of fun together on television. They have inspired others on how great friends can have a very good time. Lizzie and Miranda have been through a number of ups and downs, and through it all, they have remained strongly attached to one another. Both have never compromised their friendship for anything else, which is why this friendship comes across as so powerful.

Miranda of course comes across as the more outgoing type, while Lizzie was the more sedate one among the two of them. Lizzie was never too eager to go for slumber parties, while Miranda would always insist on her breaking the rules and doing so. The two managed to get along fine in spite of being complete and total opposites. This is hardly something that can be found in real life, with most best-friends sharing more similarities than differences. They stand out among all television best friends because of their unique ability to get along well, in spite of being widely different people.


Their friendship with Gordo is also something that is worth noticing. I mean come on, who would not want a very good guy friend and a girl friend at the same time? Lizzie does indeed begin to have feelings for Gordo when she is in Italy. But this is before the Italian dude in the movie manages to overwhelm her and win her affection for himself. The Gordo-Lizzie friendship was never marred by Miranda.


If it had been a real life friendship however, chances are, both of them might have ended up developing feelings for Gordo. And this in the end could have terminated a really good friendship. However, this is not likely to happen on television. Thank God for that! Both Lizzie and Miranda will always remain in our minds and our hearts as the two most genuine friends ever to be seen on television. Their amazing friendship is an example for every person in high school to follow.

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