Lindsay Lohan Offered a House Arrest Deal

Lindsay Lohan who is more famous for her antics off-camera rather than on it, has been facing charges that could see her spending a considerable time in prison. Lindsey is of course well-known for the bad ways in which she behaves. She gets into trouble quite often and is reprimanded for it. However she seldom ever learns her lesson and is back to courting trouble again. Lindsey is of course a fine actress and has many successful movies in her kitty.

Lindsay’s lawyers have managed to work out a deal which will allow her to remain in house arrest until the charges against her are dropped. The reason why she is facing charges in the first place is because she violated her probationary period. Lindsay is not happy with this deal, as she is under the impression that she did no wrong at all. As a result there is no question for her to remain in house arrest. She should be allowed to remain free as a bird by the law – at least this is what she believes.

A period of six months in rehab is something that Lindsey is also believed to have turned down when it was offered to her by her lawyers. Lindsey has had a number of court violations leveled against her. She was on probation from 2011. In June last year, she was caught driving recklessly again. If she is found guilty of these charges, she could face as many as nineteen months in jail, which is not something that she or her fans want at all. But the house arrest deal has not sounded too appealing to the actress who is still behaving in a rather stubborn way and insists on being without any guilt at all. Lindsey feels that by driving recklessly, she did in no way violate the probation. In fact, Lindsay says that her probationary period should have allowed her to do this much at least.

We now have to wait and see how things are going to turn out for Lohan since she has terminated all possible solutions, and is willing to face the extreme consequences for her actions. Although she is being represented by a team of good lawyers, it is not sure whether she is likely to get away with what she has done. The original charges leveled against Lohan in 2011 were over her allegedly stealing a necklace which cost $2500. After spending a few days in jail, she was soon released on grounds of good behavior.

Violation of her probation will now possibly see her being back in jail once again. One wonders why Lindsey never manages to learn her lesson ever. She seems to love trouble quite a bit as is evident from recent events.

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Lindsay Lohan Offered a House Arrest Deal