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Limitless Grossing $165 Million will Become a TV Series

Limitless Grossing $165 Million will Become a TV Series

After bringing in over $165 million, the film Limitless, which starred Bradley Cooper, has been adapted for TV, and is going to get a mini series of its own. Based on the writer, who had not had much luck, he takes an illegal drug, giving him access to his brain’s full potential; this full potential leads to great success, as well as quite a few bad guys that Cooper had to take on during the film’s run.


Paul Feig is set to direct the small screen adaptation, and Bradley Cooper is set to be one of the executive producers and as a part of the project as well. Although the film did well, we have to wait and see how it will do throughout an entire TV series. The movie itself was quite minimalist and was lacking on many fronts including a weak plot and a weak list of on screen actors.

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