Lil Wayne Hospitalized, Some Reports Suggests Condition Serious

Those who follow rap music and folks who love Lil Wayne are sure to be stunned with this. The rap music and hip-hop icon Lil Wayne is reportedly in a serious condition. He had seizures last Tuesday and was rushed immediately to the Cedars Sinai hospital in LA. The doctors released him the next day after he was placed under observation for 24 hours. Interestingly, he had suffered seizures even last October when he was traveling in a private plane.

However it now seems that his condition is more serious than what was initially believed. He was found lying unconscious in his room and has been rushed to the hospital again. Some sources claim that he has been put under an induced coma. It certainly looks scary. In fact it is told that Lil’s condition is grave. Some people are even saying that it was a “near death” scenario for the musician.

Twitter has gone into frenzy with conflicting reports coming in fast and furious. In fact, there were even some reports that said that Lil might not be with us anymore. So much so that the record label's publicist had to come out with a statement saying that the artist did indeed have seizures, but is now recovering and that he is quite safe. Here’s what the statement said – “Wayne is alive and well”! The official Twitter account also came out with a statement – “I’m good everybody. Thx for the prayers and love”. This message soon became viral. It was retweeted 100,000 times in just 45 minutes. This has calmed the tempest to some extent at least. But the hospital hasn’t come out and issued a statement as yet. The public relations department of the hospital hasn’t denied or confirmed anything. It’s the policy, they say.

Those who are close to the rapper have shot down all rumors of his death. “Dont believe the nonsense about comas and tubes to breathe ... that's false”, Mack Maine said. Mack is the President of Young Money label. Those who are close to Lil have also denied that he was placed in an induced coma.

It now seems that Lil is surely there in the hospital, but his condition is far from safe. It looks like he is going to be there for some time. So we can’t really see him perform immediately.

Lil Wayne is among the best rappers and hip-hop artists in the world at this time. He draws a huge audience wherever he performs. Lil has won the Grammy Award too.

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Lil Wayne Hospitalized, Some Reports Suggests Condition Serious