Leila Ghobadi Claims Having An Affair With Kayne West

Leila Ghobadi is a Canadian model who resides in Montreal, Canada and looks very much like Kim Kardashian. She has claimed that her and Kanye West have been bed partners a couple of times since last July.

It is common knowledge that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are an item and are expecting a baby together this summer, 2013. However, it has recently been reported that West has had a secret relationship with the Canadian model.

West has been accused of being intimate with Leila Ghobadi back in July 2012. He spotted Leila dancing along to "Mercy" at Revel's Ovation Hall in Atlantic City. West gave Ghobadi and her friends a pass to the next night's concert and then invited them backstage.

Leila Ghobadi said that he wanted to hook up with her, but was concerned, as at that time, he was also with Kim. He told Leila that the relationship that he had with Kim was purely for publicity and the next thing Leilia knew, he had talked her into being intimate together.

This wasn't a one night stand either, since Leila reports that back in October 2012 they had another rendez-vous in New York, when Kim was pregnant and in Miami. She claims that she is telling the truth and is telling people because Kim is having his baby and that she should know that Kanye should not be trusted.

A pal who was with Leila backstage said that he saw Kayne make his move on her and that he kept touching her hair and laughing with her. He was aggressive in his approach to her but eventually Leila agreed to go to West's room. She has also reported that Kayne tried to hook up with her again recently, but by then she knew that Kim was pregnant and refused him and claims this to be the reason why she has spoken up.

According to Kanye he has said that he is really happy with Kim and that he is in love with her. Kanye obviously denies the affair.His statement said, "This is a clear attempt by someone who just wants some publicity, and is another story that has been drummed up. This is a very sad attempt at spreading rumors about someone who is just trying to live his life".

Kim is also reported not to be taking this serious and is very happy with Kanye. Kim is mature enough not to pay any attention to rumors, but doesn't need this kind of stress so near to the delivery date of their baby. Kayne has no idea who the person is and the only evidence that the girl has given, is a photograph that was taken at a public event.

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Leila Ghobadi Claims Having An Affair With Kayne West