LeBron James Kids

LeBron James kids, LeBron James Jr a.k.a. Bronny, and Bryce Maximus James a.k.a. Bryce won for best haircut on an athlete’s son contest. This was confirmed by the photo shared by LebRon James on his Instagram and Twitter accounts with caption: “New House Party movie coming soon! Starring Bronny and Bryce #aintgonehurtnobody.”

Bronny and Bryce will be the new stars of Kid ‘n Play [pictured at the right], an early-90’s hip-hop group known for their raps and dance moves. They were the main characters in three different versions of “House Party,” which James referred.

Bonny was a given a chance despite he lacked four inches more to match Kid’s famous hi-top fade because of his outstanding performance.

LeBron James Jr., was born on October 6, 2004, Lebron James’ first born while Bryce Maximus James, his second child was born on June 14, 2007. James and his family live in a three-story mansion  that was purchased for $9 million. Located on Coconut Grove, in a Miami suburb.


[Picture below] LeBron's kids stood proudly beside him as he was named Most Valuable Player for the fourth time in his career.

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LeBron James Kids